Let’s admit it, we all love amusement parks. They are fun to visit. The visits come packed with lots of thrill and adventure and they make an amazing hang-out spot to go with friends. But what happens when your partner asks you for a date to an amusement park?

If you’re suddenly confused about what to wear, how to do your hair, and what make-up look to create, we get you. As exciting as they are, amusement parks make confusing dating spots. You want to look pretty and avoid getting messy but have no idea how to do that while also being practical and not miss out on all the fun.

If you’ve been scratching your head in frustration, don’t worry. We got your back. If you need help putting your amusement date look together, this guide will make sure you have all the fun in the world while still looking gorgeous.

Keep It Casual And Fun—Comfort First

As a rule of thumb, when you’re going to amusement parks, make sure to always prioritize comfort. Heels, dresses, and fancy things look stunning, but unfortunately, don’t mesh well with vicious roller coasters and crazier rides.

Throw on some trendy jeans, a tuck-in or a fun crop top and complete your look with your favorite pair of sneakers. If you want to add a little bling to the look, put on some minimalist stud earrings or a bracelet. Make sure you don’t wear any jewelry that can get caught in your clothes or hair in the middle of a ride.

Go Easy On The Make-Up

Roller Coaster Romance1

Amusement parks are full of thrill, craziness and fun. It’s best to go easy and natural on the make-up to match the vibe and also complement your dress. To add a healthy glow to your look, wear a liquid highlighter under your foundation and go a little heavy on the blush.

This will give you a natural, flushed glow perfect for a fun date to an amusement park.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Away From Your Face

When you’re going to amusement parks, it’s practical to style your hair in a way that keeps it away from your face. This will also ensure that your hair doesn’t get caught in your dress, jewelry or get in your eyes while you’re on a ride.

But updo’s and hair that is slicked back can also fall flat and make you look worn down. To create the illusion of having more hair, a good long-term option is to get hair extensions.

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