We often think of all the things that we can do for our hair in the morning hours, but your haircare routine and lifestyle before bedtime can determine your hair’s overall health and beauty just as much! Bedtime is when your hair gets a break from heat damage and general tangles, and your scalp gets a chance to just breathe without being suffocated by any products.

Here are some things that you shouldn’t do before bed if you want to keep your hair looking and feeling amazing:

Don’t go to sleep with wet hair

We understand the appeal of taking a warm shower right before bed, but sleeping with wet strands is a horrible decision for your hair’s health. Wet hair is super weak, and the friction of laying your head against your pillow, along with tossing and turning in your sleep, can cause your hair to snap much easier than when it’s dry. If you don’t have the time or energy to dry your hair before going to bed, keep it in a loose braid for protection.

Don’t use elastic bands

Never tie your hair into buns or ponytails when you’re going to sleep, especially not with elastic hair ties! These hairstyles put pressure on the hair around your hairline, which can eventually lead to it receding prematurely. If you wear your hair up throughout the day, you’ll only cause more damage if you keep it the same way as you sleep. Create a low bun or loose braid using a silk scrunchie to keep your hair protected.

Don’t use a cotton pillowcase

You’ve probably heard beauty gurus talking about satin or silk pillowcases many times—and for a good reason! Cotton depletes your hair’s moisture and leaves it feeling frizzy and dry. It’s also uncomfortable for your skin overall, especially if you live in a hot and humid area, where the moisture remains trapped in your sheets. You can also use a satin or silk scarf to wrap around your hair if you don’t have the budget to upgrade your pillowcase!

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Purple shampoo is renowned as a holy grail product when it comes to hair care for blondes, but what about brunettes? Adding green shampoo to your routine can help you bring some extra flair and freshness to your beautiful strands. Finding a good shampoo for brunette hair isn’t a challenging task, but a basic product can only give you basic results.

Using a shampoo that’s specifically meant for your hair type and color will make your hair feel alive! Here’s all you need to know about green shampoo:

What exactly is green shampoo?

Green shampoo, similar to purple and blue shampoo, contains color neutralizing characteristics. It’s like a color corrector, but for your hair! The same way that you’d use an orange color corrector to hide any blues in your skin or green over the red scars of acne, the green shampoo helps users neutralize unwanted tones of red in dark brown hair.

Who can use it?

Brunettes range from deep, warm tones to light brown hair with cool blue undertones. To ensure that green shampoo is the right choice for your hair, make sure that you analyze its tone first.

Green shampoos are great for brunettes whose hair tone lies on the deeper end of the color spectrum. If you have light brown hair, it’s best to opt for blue shampoo to reduce any orange or brassy tones. Most shades of deep brown hair have strong red undertones, so anyone with medium or deep brown hair can use green shampoo.

When can you use it?

Whether you have naturally brown hair or have recently dyed your hair in that color, incorporating green shampoo into your hair care routine can help you get the best out of it.

Always make sure to wear gloves before putting them on to avoid staining your hands, and don’t use it more than twice a week to avoid inviting a green tinge into your hair. Stay away from green shampoo if you have blond or light brown hair since it will turn your hair green—green-colored hair products are specifically designed for darker shades of brown.

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Women of all ages have been getting hair extension services for a really long time. But these requests aren’t just limited to them anymore. Mothers accompany young girls to our salons and ask for hair extensions for them. While it doesn’t seem all that wrong, we can’t help but wonder if there should be an age limit to getting these services.

Young girls often have soft and thin hair, and they might want to hide that using hair extension. However, what most parents fail to realize is that hair follicles for young girls are weaker and more sensitive than those found in adults.

Here are a few ways that hair extensions can affect hair health for younger girls, read them for yourself and decide!

Can be Damaging

Using hair extensions for young girls can damage their natural hair follicles and hinder their hair health and growth in the long run. They could apply extra pressure to the natural hair and create more hair breakage than before.

All of this might be a little too much for a 13-year-old per se. However, if a parent is ready to put in the extra effort to help maintain the hair, then getting extensions at any age is absolutely okay.

It Requires Frequent Styling

Curling hair

After a wash, the extensions and the natural hair might differ in their texture. In order to maintain the glamour of the added hair extensions, it will require a lot of hair styling, and products, which might be harmful to the hair of young girls. They might not be able to do it themselves, either. While the idea is extremely exciting, high-quality hair extensions require a lot of maintenance.

Difficult to Maintain

For good quality hair extension maintenance, there are a number of things that clients need to take care of. They need to monitor the times they wash their hair, they need to be extremely gentle with them, and they have to develop a strong hair care routine. All of this can be overwhelming and unattainable for a teenager.

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Hair extensions have proven to be one of the easiest ways to revive one’s locks and create that full and long look. Best of all, hair extensions feel all natural when they are installed using the LOC hair extension system.

Why Hairextensions Are Better Than Wigs?


Most of us have heard certain hair myths that have no logical rationale. But we keep believing in them in case they might be true. Some of these myths may seem harmless but can be very damaging for our natural hair as well as hair extensions. You should question these misconceptions and discuss them with hair styling experts for clarity. Here are a few of the commonly believed hair myths and their reality.

1. “Covering Your Head Thins Your Hair”

Wearing a cap or a hat has two different and opposing long-term and short-term effects on your hair’s health. In the short run, it can make your hair flat. Women with thin hair need to keep their hair fluffed up to create more volume. And that is why they avoid covering their head. But the long-term effects of not wearing a head covering are actually much more serious. If you go out in the sun with uncovered hair regularly, it can damage your hair as well as your scalp. Weak hair can get even thinner due to prolonged sunlight exposure and may fall more. Keep your head protected from a cap in the winters and summers when going outdoors and avoid all of these hair problems.

2. “Styling Tools Damage Your Hair”

Many people believe that heat tools directly impact the nature and texture of their hair. But these gadgets only damage your hair if used without heat-protective oil. By limiting your use of such tools and following necessary precautions, you can use them without worrying.

A girl smelling a flower

3. “Getting a Haircut Helps with Hair Growth”

Most hair extension services professionals recommend that clients get regular haircuts to avoid damaged tips and split ends. And it has no connection with hair growth. You can grow your hair to any length you want as long as you take care of its needs.

4. Aging Women Can’t Grow Out Long Hair”

There is no truth to this belief, and good hair care techniques can help women keep long hair at any age.
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