Hair extensions have become increasingly popular these days.

Especially when hair thinning is an issue many women in America face,hair extensions are an easy way to add dimension to your hair.

However, what many wearers don’t realize is that each type of hair extension comes with its own set of pros and cons. The same high-quality hair extension can work great on one person but turn out disastrously wrong on someone else.

You can choose from several types of non-damaging hair extensions, but understanding these different varieties is the first step in making an informed choice.

So, if your goal is to add length or volume, then Russian hair extensions are a safe choice to have a natural look. Russian hair extensions are also known to last longer, have fantastic shine, and pose no tangling problems, as is seen in other hair types.

Here’s all you need to know about different types of Russian hair extensions:

1) Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions available on the market today because they can be dyed and styled just like natural Brazilian hair. This makes them a great choice for women who want to change their hairstyle but don’t want to cut or dye their natural hair.

2) Virgin Russian Hair Extensions

This type of Russian hair is made from healthy, unprocessed, and natural human hair strands. It comes in a variety of lengths and colors. Virgin Russian hair extensions are considered to be of the highest quality because they do not undergo any chemical treatments or processing. This means they’ll last longer and look healthier compared to other types of extensions that have been treated with chemicals or heat processes.

Woman in a salon with curled hair extensions

3) Remi Russian Hair Extensions

Remi Russian hair extensions are similar to virgin Russian extensions, but they have undergone at least one chemical treatment before being sold to customers. The treatment may vary depending on where you purchase them from, but it usually involves dyeing the strands, so they match your natural color better than virgin strands.

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Disclaimer: For product recommendations as per your hair’s needs contact HEH. Also, note that not all products are equal for extended hair.

Many women spend around $200,000–$300,000 on beauty and self-care-related products in their lifetime. This includes skin care, beauty products, and hair care. The last is a huge industry that is predicted to grow to $102 billion by 2024. But what are the people spending their money on? Well, shampoos, conditioner, treatments, serums, hair styling products, etc., for starters.

The products you should pick should be based on what your needs are, like anti-aging. Yes, you read that right. Your hair ages just like your skin and similarlyneeds a little extra help to stop its progress.

1. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Wash

As you age, your hair might lose its thickness and fullness. If you already have fine hair, that can get even worse. To battle the thinning volume, meet your perfect partner: Kevin Murphy’s YOUNG AGAIN Wash. It’s skincare for your hair with rejuvenating benefits. The range has a rich blend of antioxidants such as Baobab oils, lotus flower, orchid extract, and Immortelle that nourish the hair to bring back its youthful shine. The amino acid complex also helps strengthens hair over time.


2. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Dry Conditioner

Do you know what we love more than regular hair care products with beneficial ingredients? Unique products that are filled with beneficial ingredients! That’s what the YOUNG AGAIN dry conditioner is. You’ve seen dry shampoo; now meet its partner, the dry conditioner. Does your hair get dull between washes, and you can’t over-wash it because of color or extensions? This is the answer to all your problems. It is a dry powder spray with the signature Immortelle oil that softens the hair. The formula also has powerful antioxidants and anti-aging benefits.


3. Kevin Murphy– YOUNG AGAIN Leave-in Treatment Oil

Shampoo and conditioner are a basic part of the routine for hair. However, to keep it healthy and long, you need to give it some extra TLC, and Kevin Murphy has made that easy with their leave-in treatment oil. It’s an indulgence that you can use daily on your hair. It’s formulated using the star ingredient from the YOUNG AGAIN range Immortelle which has anti-aging ingredients. It boosts the hair and deep conditions it for a shine that lasts all day and protects your hair from sun damage. However, if you wear extensions, consult your stylist to see if this product is safe to use on your extensions.


Nand More Product Recommendations?

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Scrunchies, a.k.a hair elastics, were all the rage during the 90s when practically everyone was rocking a poofy ponytail.

The same scrunchies are enjoying a revival now, and there’s a good reason why. Scrunchies are a must-have hair accessory, especially if you don’t like doing your hair. They’re especially useful for people with thick or curly hair, but they can work on any length of hair.

So, to help you pick out the perfect one for your hair type, here’s a rundown of the different types of scrunchies so you can figure out which one(s) will work best for you:

1. Elastic Scrunchies

If you have long, dry or wavy hair, an elastic scrunchie can help keep loose strands from falling on your face while giving volume to your style.

If you have thick hair, choose one with elastic bands, so it stays put without leaving an imprint on your hair. This basic stretchy scrunchie is made from elastic that stretches around your ponytail and holds it in place without hurting your scalp or pulling at your strands. They also come in various colors and patterns, too!

2. Silk Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies are great for holding ponytails together without causing damage to your hair. These ribbons tend to be thinner than traditional stretchy scrunchies, so they’re not ideal for people with thick/curly hair. However, if you have straight/wavy/fine locks, ribbon scrunches are perfect!

Portrait image of a woman with a long ponytail

3. Cotton Scrunchies

For long to medium-length wavy hair, a cotton scrunchy that is less than 6 inches in width will work best. This will allow you to get the most out of your waves and minimize frizz.

You can also use a cotton scrunchie sewn together into a ring shape with elastic inside. This allows it to stretch over your head as well as stay put throughout the day (unlike fabric elastic). This makes it ideal for people with medium-length thick or curly hair who need something that won’t slide off too easily when they wear it all day long.

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Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

Some of your actions may be taking a toll on your stands, especially the use of hot styling tools, hair coloring, or even tying your hair in tight ponytails all day long. The thing with damaged hair is that it doesn’t improve in a day’s time, but with consistent adjustments, you can surely make a difference.

Here are three signs of damaged hair and remedies for fixing your hair health:

1. Hair Loss and Thinning

We lose hair every day, but anything that goes beyond the natural amount is a severe warning sign! The loss of hair is likely to result from protein in the system or the scalp pores getting clogged. Shampoo and conditioner created for your hair type can remove build-up from the roots and deliver strength-building nutrients.

2. Split Ends

Do your ends dry the minute your step out of the shower? If you notice a thinning effect on your hair strands, it’s best to remove the damage by trimming your hair short. This way, your hair shall continue growing healthily.

3. Hair Breakage

Hair breakage results from a loss of elasticity that causes the hair to become rather fragile. To preserve the integrity of your hair, you must follow your haircare regimen religiously. This involves the use of deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners to provide that extra bit of hydration and protection.

A type of restorative hair mask that can be used to repair damaged hair

Don’t know if it’s safe for you to apply these remedies over your custom-blended hair extensions? Could there be a solution for your damaged hair at the salon? Find your answers by speaking to Brenda!

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Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

The pre-shampoo treatment is a protective hair remedy designed to supplement nourishment into moisture-deprived hair shafts. This is a practice for days when shampooing and conditioning don’t cut the slack for you. It integrates a protective layer over the hair strands to limit the shampoo’s ability to strip away moisture.

The Benefits of Pre-Pooing

Pre-shampoo treatments have a restorative effect on tangled, damaged, and dry hair. It adds extra moisture to the strands, making it easier to detangle the head. It also boosts the conditioner’s effectiveness to account for stronger hair shafts that are less prone to breakage. Lastly, it promotes soft and vibrant hair, which elevates your overall look!

Note: Before you work with a conditioner over your hair extensions, read Brenda’s prescribed method. A conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair shaft, else it may slip the hair extensions out.

What to Use for Pre-Pooing

This treatment entails applying creams, balms, butter, and oils to dry hair before shampooing the head. Pre-pooing oils are recommended for those with straight or curly hair, while aloe vera is advisable for dandruff or an itchy scalp. However, balm and butter are recommended to those looking to reverse damage caused due to coloring, heat, and chemical treatments.

How is Pre-Pooing Done

It may be left on for as little or as long as desired; while normal hair could do with half an hour of pre-pooing, dehydrated strands tend to demand a full day.

Start by dividing your hair into sections to deliver the product to each region on your head.

The idea here is to trap hydration and moisture, which ultimately results in strong, shiny, and healthy hair, so you want to coat your hair from the roots to the ends.Hereafter you can detangle the tangles using a wide-toothed comb and leave the hair pre-pooing overnight. Once done, you can wash and condition your hair to remove the products used during the pre-pooing treatment.

woman in a bathtub

About Hair Extensions of Houston

Unsure if the pre-shampoo treatment would work with yourcustom-blended hair extensions that have been secured via the copper lock hair extension system?Don’t stress, just ask Brenda!

Brenda is a highly qualified and trained hair specialist who can triumph over non-damaging hair extensions any day.The method involves fastening the wearer’s natural hair to the highest quality Russian hair extension using a small copper tube to minimize damage.

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