According to the rule book, hair extensions should never fall out because no one has the time for that. We’re not talking about a few strands that pop out over the life span of hair extensions; that’s absolutely normal. We’re talking about the whole of your extensions falling out; in that case, you should hold onto them for dear life while trying to book your hair technician for an appointment to fasten the extensions right back in. But here’s what to do to prevent your extensions from falling out unnecessarily:

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Hollywood celebrities are the ultimate trendsetters when it comes to fashion. As the tastes of these celebrities change, the trends for formalwear and hairstyles shift too. Stylists of each of these celebrities put a lot of thought into hair and its accessories. They realize the importance of a good hairdo on any formal or casual occasion. Some of these hairstyles end up becoming the favorite of many fans and followers around the country. Here are a few hairstyling trends that are predicted and recommended by the hairstylists of celebrities for 2022.

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Hair volume is described as the thickness of a hair strand as well as the total number of strands on the head. However, hair volume is frequently affected by genes, pollution, chemical exposure, hormonal fluctuations, aging, inadequate diets, and other medical conditions. If the lack of volume makes it impossible for you to style your hair, here’s what you should be doing:

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As your outfits change with the shifting seasons, you should also consider giving a new look to your hair. In summers, you may let your hair down and let it flow with the breeze. But winters can be typically hard on your hair if left untied. Jackets, coats, and beanies complement some hairstyles better than others, and you should pick the one ideal for your hair’s length. Here are a few hairstyles that will help your hair look its best during snowy weather.

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