Are you blessed with adorably full cheeks and a softer jawline? Congratulations, you have a round face! There are many lovable features about a round face, such as the fact that you might have a baby face that’ll make you appear younger than you are—something you won’t truly appreciate until you start getting on in your adult years.

If you want to slim your face down to balance your look, the tight haircuts and hairstyles can all the shape and angle your face. Here’s what you can try:

Textured bob

Messy bobs are a classic look here to stay, and they’re great for round and chubby faces due to their versatility! Tousle your strands to gently fall right in front of your ears as a way to elongate and slim your face down.

Take some mousse onto the palm of your hand and scrunch it through damp hair before diffusing it with cold air to get the perfect lived-in look. You can also try spraying your hair with sea salt spray while scrunching the ends to achieve that beautiful beach babe look.

Curtain bangs

This ‘70s style bang has been making a comeback, and we’re absolutely in love. These face-framing, center-parted bangs can give your face the illusion of being slimmer. Make sure that the ends of your bangs hit below the fullest part of your face in order to conceal the width.

While the style itself looks rather easygoing, curtain bangs are some of the most high-maintenance bangs out there. You’ll need to visit your hairstylist every month, while blow-drying them to fall perfectly every day.

Sleek and straight

This classic cut is flattering for any face shape. Perfectly straightened strands might make it feel counterintuitive to disguise a chubby face, but the presence of face-framing layers can help sculpt your cheekbones and jawlines while taking attention away from the width of your face.

 A woman with long hair and an orange top

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Whether you woke up late before heading to work or are trying your best to make your new hair color last longer, sometimes, you just don’t have the option to wash your hair. Either way, it’s a challenge to conceal those oily roots before you head out for the day. While we all love a look that screams #iwokeuplikethis, sometimes, your hair just needs a pick-me-up.

Here’s all you need to know:

Use dry shampoo

If your hair’s starting to look a little limp, spritz some dry shampoo onto your hair along the part while lifting up strategic sections and spraying the roots. Massage only your scalp the same way that you would when washing your hair before giving it at least 10 minutes to soak up all the oils.

Don’t get tempted to add more immediately! If you still think your hair can do with some extra TLC, repeat the process and brush it out at the end if you have straight hair. Curly-haired curls can gently massage their strands until the powdery texture becomes invisible.

If you’re trying to elongate the days between your hair washes, it’s best to apply dry shampoo before you go to bed so that any oils produced during your sleep get soaked up immediately, giving you a fresh and fluffy look the next day.

Baby powder for blondes

Out of dry shampoo? Baby powder can act as an excellent alternative. Sprinkle some baby powder into strategic sections of your strands and massage it in like you would do with dry shampoo. Baby powder is much harder to massage or brush out, though, so it’s a hack that’s best left to the blondes who aren’t too afraid of ashy roots.

Oil blotting sheets

If oil blotting sheets can work for your skin, then why not for your hair? Take some blotting paper and gently pat it along the part in your hair or any other area where your roots are visible to any onlookers. It might take a couple of sheets to get an acceptable result. Flip your hair over and ruffle it up a little bit to make it look less limp!

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Having fine hair can be a bit of a double-edged sword. It’s easy to style, but it’s prone to looking flat soon after you’re done meticulously styling it. No amount of teasing, tousling, or adding an extra firm-hold hairspray can help some of us from keeping our strands looking limp and lifeless at the end of the day.

Fine hair means that each individual strand has a smaller diameter than coarser hair, while thin hair means that your hair follicles are less dense. So, you can have thin or thick hair that’s fine in texture!

Here’s how you can add some extra volume and texture:

Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner

The best way to build a foundation for voluminous hair is to use lightweight volumizing hair products in the shower. Since these kinds of products tend to dry your hair, it’s important to ensure that they include moisturizing ingredients to keep your scalp from overproducing oils and giving your even limper strands of hair.

Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp

It’s important to use conditioner anytime your hair is wet, but you should begin from the ends and only go up to the mid-length of your hair. Your hair requires the extra nourishment since you’re opening the cuticle up and exposing the core of your hair to the elements. Glopping it right onto your roots will make your hair look limp and greasy soon after you’re done with your shower.

It’s especially harmful to women with hair extensions since they can slip right out of their bonds.

Don’t be afraid of mousse

Mousse formulas have gotten much more refined over the years—the dried out and crunchy hair that our parents and grandparents used to rock in their youth is in the past; you can achieve much more elegant styles through this hydrating product today.

Apply a volumizing mousse or whip when your hair is wet and comb it through from the root to the ends. Make sure that you’re not applying too much product since it can do the opposite of what you intended and weigh your hair down instead.

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Your hair deserves to look its best, but it’s important that you help it do so while keeping the planet safe, and Earth Month is the best time to re-evaluate your haircare routine to make it more sustainable!

Finding eco-friendly products has been becoming more and more important to increasing numbers of consumers. Here’s how you can make your hair care routine greener to protect the planet while flaunting your fabulous hair:

Use products that are environmentally sustainable

Toxic ingredients in hair care products are harmful to the environment, your hair, or both. Some ingredients that you should look out for are sulfates, ammonium chloride, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and certain kinds of fragrances. They cause more harm to your hair than good and have a negative impact on the environment—it’s best to drop them entirely.

Recycle your containers and bottles

While it may seem like an obvious move, we all tend to forget how much of a difference we can make through the littlest of changes. Taking the time to wash out your empty conditioner or shampoo bottles after you’re done using them to throw them into the appropriate recycling bins can make a huge difference.

One of the largest contributors to packaging waste includes the beauty industry, so it’s up to us as consumers to consciously choose reusable bottles or recycle our empty packages.

Get products that have sustainable packaging

One of the best ways to help the environment is to choose products containing ingredients that aren’t as harmful to the environment, but it’s equally important to build up a routine that uses items with environmentally friendly packaging. A lot of the top beauty companies have started producing sustainable packaging while providing publicly available information about their materials. Many have also started selling refillable containers, an eco-lover’s dream!

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Hair is largely made up of protein called keratin, and some factors contribute to it’s loss that you may not be aware of. A protein treatment helps fill those gaps and allows your hair to be a more ideal canvas for styling.


Signs Your Hair Needs Protein