If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a mane of gorgeous curls or waves that you can’t figure out how to take care of. Not to mention the frizz problem you likely must deal with. Here is a short guide for curly and wavy hair girls.

Figure Out Your Wash Days

If you’re trying to make a healthy routine for curly or wavy hair, your first step is figuring out your wash routine and the products to use. For wavy hair, use a cleansing shampoo that removes build-up without messing with your waves.

For curls use sulfate-free shampoos. Also, use hydrating products. The curlier the hair, the longer it takes moisture to reach the ends of your hair.

Clump & Scrunch Your Curls

Scrunching up dry hair to get your curls back isn’t going to do much for you. It also promotes frizz. Your best bet is clumping and scrunching up your hair when it’s wet or at least damp.

Dry hair isn’t easy to manipulate, and with curly hair, you’ll just be doing your hair a disservice. Scrunch your freshly washed hair for the best results and to get the most definition. Flip your hair upside down and scrunch away.

girls with wavy hair

Condish & Squish Your Waves

Those are weird words, but they’re important, trust us. When you wash your hair, never skip conditioner. The best way to do it is by flipping your hair upside down in cupped palms. Squish the hair in the palms towards the scalp.

Our wavy hair girls must have noticed that after you dry your hair with the towel, you’ll see squiggly hair. That’s what you want! And it’s the perfect time to squish them.

Air Dry Instead of Heat Styling

This is for both the curly and wavy girls. When you have curls, coils, or waves, avoid excessive heat styling. This will help prevent frizz and protects the hair from damage.

Invest in a diffuser if you’re looking for something to quickly dry your hair. It doesn’t damage waves or curls and lets your hair keep its natural texture. Air drying gives amazing results, but not everyone has the time to wait for their hair to dry.

 wavy hair

Avoid Product Overload

If you have fine hair, whether it’s curls or waves, the product is going to weigh it down. Not every product will suit your hair either. Look for products that are specifically targeted at wavy or curly hair.

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We still remember getting new coloring pencils and paints and just making the world (by which we mean walls) our canvas. Nowadays, our canvas is our hair.

Spring is around the corner, and summer won’t be far behind, so what better way to say goodbye to the dreary winters than new hair color trends. Here are some gorgeous hair color trends for 2022.

Luxurious Brunette

Brunettes have been having their moment since winter 2021. The great news is that this will continue. Tiktokers declared blonde to be cheugy (whatever that means), but don’t be fooled by everything you read. Luxe brown is taking the spotlight.

Dark leather tones will continue to trend while we’re going to see more mushroom hues and cool tones as well. Cool tones are great because they create a dimensional highlight. It’s a spring vibe and looks luxurious as well.

Warm Reds

There’s no one more pop culture relevant these days than Zendaya. With her many fashion accolades, starring in Spiderman and Euphoria, and magazine features, the icon is everywhere. It comes as no surprise that when she dyes her hair red, many people will follow.

Redheads are going to have their moment this spring/summer. And for those that aren’t, you can get it easily as well. There’s going to be warm, intense, and flamboyant reds all over Instagram feed, and we’re here for it.

Warm Red

Cashmere Blonde

Women are always searching for a good blonde shade, even those who are already blonde. The good thing is: there is a shade of blonde out there for everyone. One blonde shade that we’ve been loving lately is the very trendy cashmere blonde.

Currently, blonde shades like honey and butter blonde are in. But the cashmere blonde has our heart. It’s a soft blonde color that is the perfect blend of warm and cool tones.

It gives off a soft woven effect that is effortless. With this shade, you can say I woke up like this and genuinely mean it.

Pink and Purples

On one end, the natural hair trend seems to be dominating. On the other, the bold is back in too! What stylists are predicting will have a huge comeback is pinks and purples.

You can commit to a full head of cotton-candy-like goodness or just add face-framing highlights. The color is perfect for people who want a bold yet fun look with a pop of color.

Purple hair

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Gigi Hadid is one of the highest-paid models in the world. She’s also a face you’re sure to recognize since she’s in so many campaigns. You can’t pick up a magazine she’s not featured in.

Another thing she’s known for her is her amazing hair. Of course, it was her hair flip in the Jacquemus 2020 show that nearly broke the internet.

Shiny-Straight Hair

There’s no one else who comes to our minds first when we think shiny straight hair. It literally became an inspiration for a new barbie doll. She has a specific method to obtain that look too. She keeps coconut oil in her hair for three days and then washes it with shampoo twice to get the look.

Bubble Braids

Her newest look that has us hooked is a spin on the bubble braid trend (made famous from Y2K trends and the show Euphoria). Just part down your hair in the middle and pick two sections in the front. Use tiny elastics after small sections. Rough up the bubbles to get more volume.

2 bubble braids

Boho Waves

Gigi Hadid showed off her un-done boho waves look at Coachella (you know when it was actually happening), and we’ve been obsessed since. This look is very her and what we like to call the signature Gigi Hadid look.

It’s easy to do too. Just part your hair in the middle and put it in braids. Then just go to sleep. In the morning, use some texturizing spray, and you’re done. Voila! Boho waves for days.

Ponytail Galore

Miss Hadid is definitely a fan of ponytails, whether it’s a rolled out of bed and put your hair up look or a more defined one. Gigi Hadid looks like a rockstar with a high ponytail. On her, it doesn’t look just thrown together because of the volume she has.

Rake your fingers through the hair for better texture and tease your ponytail to achieve the same volume. It’s an effortless and chic look.

Or you can go with her more sleeked back and structured ponytail. The middle part might seem intimidating, but with a structured outfit, no-look fits better.

Gigi Hadid

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Thinking of getting a hair makeover but don’t know how to express yourself? Your answer might be written in the stars! You don’t need to know your whole birth chart to get some hair inspiration! Check your sun sign—the essence that shines out into the world and helps you express your individuality and experience life.

For all the doers, communicators, and thinkers of the zodiac; here are some of the cutest hairstyles to try out this year:

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Geminis are creative and whimsical in the most fun way! These intellectuals are great at expressing themselves through style. Geminis are socialites who’re always on the go, working best with low-maintenance haircuts that make them stand out around the year.

These air signs like getting experimental with trends and changing things around. Play around with different hair colors and try any color that appeals to your adventurous spirit as long as it maintains the integrity of your hair.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

Libras are known for their air of beauty and pleasantry. These fair individuals are well-represented by their symbol of scales, and they often strive to try and maintain balance in their life. Their peace-loving personas can only be complemented by wavy and soft hairstyles. Just like the scales, you can part your hair down the middle to achieve perfect symmetry and bring out your inner romantic by trying long and feminine hairstyles.

It’s easy to achieve the looks that you want through high-quality hair extensions! You can even change things up by braiding your long strands together to create a headband to truly enhance your beauty.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Known for their humanitarian, friendly, and inventive qualities, these compassionate folks can connect with different people from various walks of life. These highly independent and eccentric individuals love expressing themselves through their uniqueness.

Aquarius women have a knack for spotting styles that’ll be trending in the future, and you’re likely to experiment with different hairstyles until you discover your perfect fit. Medium-length hairstyles will work best with your constantly changing lifestyle. You can also go for bangs to look polished without making too much of a fuss about your hair!

A woman with forehead bangs

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If you’ve been scrolling through your social media in the past few weeks, you’ve probably stumbled across the gorgeous characters of HBO’s Euphoria at some point. Reaching Game of Thrones levels of fame, this hit TV show features a group of teens living in suburbia while dealing with their personal demons, keeping you glued to your screen through incredibly colorful and moody visuals, makeup, and hairstyles.

Here are some of our favorite Euphoria looks:

Maddy’s bedazzled hair

Maddy flaunts her confidence like no one else, and you can see it unapologetically shining through in her cheerleading scene as she stands out from the crowd in her bedazzled hair and bold blue eyes. It’s the perfect look to turn her into the star of the show as she shows off her moves to her on-again/off-again boyfriend.

You can recreate the look by sectioning your hair into half-inch pieces across the forehead, twisting each one till the crown, before securing it with a hair tie. Use a pomade or hair cream to keep it all in place before accentuating it all with bedazzled twists.

Cassie’s bubble braid ponytail

Cassie’s hair is all over the place in the second season of the show as she changes things up to get her crush’s attention. One of our favorite looks was her adorable bubble ponytail with wispy, face-framing pieces adding a touch of romance in the front.

Brush your hair into a ponytail and leave out some pieces in the front to frame your face. Create ‘bubbles’ in your ponytail using clear elastics and fluff each section out. Finish the look by curling the front pieces with a curling wand. You can even add high-quality hair extensions to make your ponytail longer!

Kat’s bob

Kat’s sleek, bold, and timeless bob is a fan favorite. With never a hair out of place, her gorgeous hairstyle remains consistent with the show as she discovers herself and the world. You can achieve the same look by straightening your hair after spraying it with a heat protectant and running a sleeking oil through the ends to keep everything shiny, smooth, and in place.

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