There are few things in life rarer than natural redheads. With less than 2 percent of all people born with red hair, it’s no wonder the fiery hue is an instant eye-catcher for everyone.

While some of Hollywood’s redhead beauties have naturally red hair, others dye their hair to maintain their staple ginger hair. Either way, the gorgeous hair color beautifully pairs with different color palates and adds a touch of glamour and grace like no other!

Take a look at some of our favorite red-haired beauties:

Emma Stone

Contrary to what you might think, this talented actress isn’t actually a natural redhead. Born with blonde hair, Emma Stone has been transforming her hair into various hues over the years.

The one color that’s her claim to fame, so to speak, is the fiery red she’s often seen sporting. She’s experimented with various shades of red over the years—going from muted auburn hair to much darker, deeper reds.

Either way, it’s safe to say that red is Emma Stone’s signature hair color!

Amy Adams

When it comes to ginger bombshells, it’s hard to forget this redheaded beauty. With her piercing blue eyes and deep auburn hair, Amy Adams’ appearance is just one of the things that are so charming about her—second only to her unparalleled talent!

While you may have only seen the actress in her signature red hair, her actual hair color is actually blonde. She’s had red hair for as long as we can remember so we don’t blame you for being shocked—we were too!


Madelaine Petsch


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The rising star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch is often seen rocking a signature red outfit paired with a vibrant red lip color, both of them complementing her beautiful red hair.

Her natural red hair is a gorgeous shade of warm red, perfectly complementing her porcelain skin and piercing eyes. If you’ve ever come across the actress’s unbelievably beautiful fiery hair and concluded they’re dyed, you’re in for a surprise. The talented actress revealed she’s never dyed her hair—it’s safe to say we’re envious!

Julianne Moore

Hollywood veteran and gifted actress, Julianne Moore has wowed us with her beautiful red hair for decades now. The actress’s cool-toned fair skin is perfectly complemented by her fiery, deep red hair.

Her greenish-blue eyes are a wondrous addition to her unparalleled beauty; she’s truly the epitome of the old-Hollywood glam and elegance we can’t get enough of.

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