Disclaimer: If you wear hair extensions, it’s best to consult a hairstylist at Hair Extensions of Houston before signing up for any hair treatments or using any hair care products.

The pre-shampoo treatment is a protective hair remedy designed to supplement nourishment into moisture-deprived hair shafts. This is a practice for days when shampooing and conditioning don’t cut the slack for you. It integrates a protective layer over the hair strands to limit the shampoo’s ability to strip away moisture.

The Benefits of Pre-Pooing

Pre-shampoo treatments have a restorative effect on tangled, damaged, and dry hair. It adds extra moisture to the strands, making it easier to detangle the head. It also boosts the conditioner’s effectiveness to account for stronger hair shafts that are less prone to breakage. Lastly, it promotes soft and vibrant hair, which elevates your overall look!

Note: Before you work with a conditioner over your hair extensions, read Brenda’s prescribed method. A conditioner should only be used on the ends of the hair shaft, else it may slip the hair extensions out.

What to Use for Pre-Pooing

This treatment entails applying creams, balms, butter, and oils to dry hair before shampooing the head. Pre-pooing oils are recommended for those with straight or curly hair, while aloe vera is advisable for dandruff or an itchy scalp. However, balm and butter are recommended to those looking to reverse damage caused due to coloring, heat, and chemical treatments.

How is Pre-Pooing Done

It may be left on for as little or as long as desired; while normal hair could do with half an hour of pre-pooing, dehydrated strands tend to demand a full day.

Start by dividing your hair into sections to deliver the product to each region on your head.

The idea here is to trap hydration and moisture, which ultimately results in strong, shiny, and healthy hair, so you want to coat your hair from the roots to the ends.Hereafter you can detangle the tangles using a wide-toothed comb and leave the hair pre-pooing overnight. Once done, you can wash and condition your hair to remove the products used during the pre-pooing treatment.

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About Hair Extensions of Houston

Unsure if the pre-shampoo treatment would work with yourcustom-blended hair extensions that have been secured via the copper lock hair extension system?Don’t stress, just ask Brenda!

Brenda is a highly qualified and trained hair specialist who can triumph over non-damaging hair extensions any day.The method involves fastening the wearer’s natural hair to the highest quality Russian hair extension using a small copper tube to minimize damage.

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Men are generally advised to get haircuts every two or three weeks, depending on their hairstyle. As for women, to maintain their current length and style, they’re recommended haircuts every four to six weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Since there’s always a timeframe, we’ll help you pick a date for getting a haircut. Here are four factors to study to know if it’s time for chop-chop:

1. Your Hair is Impossible to Tame

Do you fight the battle every morning when you get ready for work or school? If you’re forced to throw your hair in a seemingly ‘messy’ bun day after day, it only suggests that you’re no longer thrilled about wearing your hair down. Going in for a haircut or at least a trim can rightfully give birth to enthusiasm.

2. Styling Has Begun to Take Longer

Do you have to attack your hair with tons of products after the shower to keep it in place, and yet it manages to NOT be manageable for the rest of the day? You might also notice that you need more time detangling your hair and temporarily mending the split ends with some bonding oil. This is the hassle you DON’T need in your life; best to request an appointment today to get a haircut.

3. You Look Far From Neat

When you have curls around your neck, unruly sideburns, and hair covering your ears, it becomes quite a challenge to look neat. Whether your once full, bouncy head of hair has begun lying flat, or your bob has taken a strange bubble shape, it’s time for a haircut.

The split ends emerging at the roots are also a good enough sign that you’ve gone a little too long in between your haircuts. Give your professional hairstylist a call to resort back to your well-groomed look!

4. Your Intended Hair Style Has Faded

Those who have sported a fade know how much work goes into maintaining the hairstyle. Some styles tend to be more demanding of regular haircuts than the rest; if your hairstyle has also been lost or appears to have faded, it’s time for a touch-up.

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From long, beachy waves using hair extensions for short hair to bleach-blonde strands, Selena Gomez loves experimenting with her gorgeous hair. The Rare star has dominated the entertainment industry with multiple hit records, films, TV shows, and an award-winning range of beauty products.

Looking through her iconic hairstyles through the years, we strongly believe there’s nothing this Latina Mogul cannot pull off. Here are some of her most fabulous hairstyles:

The Wizards of Waverly Place classic

Gomez hasn’t strayed far from her original brunette strands, a classic look back in 2014. With a subtle highlight and soft, chocolate brown tones, her super long and voluminous hair was the ultimate envy among teen girls at the time. The star wore a similar look throughout most of her years on the Wizards of Waverly Place show on Disney.

Beachy waves

The songstress showed off her blissfully natural waves with a chin-grazing bang in 2019’s spring as the world geared up for sunny days by the beach. Her mid-length chop and texturized waves showcased some caramel highlights, which looked gorgeous along with her naturally bronzed skin.

Flirty curls

What’s more gorgeous than a classic French-girl inspired chic cut? The artist’s Lose You To Love Me era hair is modern, messy, and absolutely beautiful. Her messy curls and forehead bangs paired with caramel highlights can make anyone start believing in self-love.


Gomez usually sticks to darker shades when it comes to hair; that’s why her fans were in for a shock when she posted a gorgeous selfie while rocking bleached blonde strands with low-maintenance roots showing through. This unique look lasted for most of the year before she dyed her hair back, but we love her willingness to experiment.

The sleek lob

Gomez once again went for a big chop in 2022 and has since been rocking her sharp, shoulder-skimming lob with a gentle under-curl. She eventually added some whimsical bangs to the mix to bring the cut’s elegance and playfulness together in the best way possible.

Recreate the look with Hair Extensions of Houston

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