The most fabulous hair trend for 2021 is reverse balayage — a hair color technique that’s low maintenance and low commitment. Hair dye is painted onto the hair for a natural transition, minus the streaks and harsh lines. It’s perfect for blondes thinking about crossing over to the dark side.

What Is Reverse Balayage?

The reverse of balayage introduces depth into a light dye by adding lowlights and darker color tone strands, imitating a natural hair progression. The darker strands sit below, the lighter sections for a smudged look. Additionally, it enables the highlights to pop by contrast to appear sun-kissed. Best of all, there isn’t a lot of commitment involved due to the minimal upkeep.

Difference between Reverse Balayage and Regular Balayage

The only difference between balayage and reverse balayage is light vs. dark. Balayage gives a softer, more sun-kissed look, while the reverse balayage gives the hair more of a lived-in look with darker tones.

Benefits of Reverse Balayage

The lighter roots that blend seamlessly into the darker strands have tons of benefits. It’s virtually no effort and low commitment since the technique itself preserves the natural regrowth. Best of all, it’s customizable for all hair colors and hair types.

Darker lowlights, Lighter highlights


The Downside of Reverse Balayage

Although there isn’t any downside of reverse balayage, you might have to commit to and be prepared to go darker. Other than that, it’s a chic way to usher in the nights.

Who Is It For?

Like a balayage, a reverse balayage works well with all hair color and hair types. It’s for anyone who’s looking to sport a natural, broken-up color. Your hairstylist will paint natural dyes through the mid-length of your hair to the ends. We recommend a haircut with lots of layers to complement the balayage!

Rules to Follow

To keep your reverse balayage looking better for longer, it’s essential to maintain a healthy hair routine. Color-treated hair may be prone to dryness, damage, and breakage, making regular trims essential to control split ends. You must only wash and shampoo your hair three times a week with products for color-treated hair. Avoid heat styling and use a deep conditioner or hair mask weekly to repair damages.

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