We all have flaws. Thankfully we can blame some of them on our zodiac sign, especially the most prominent hair sins we are likely to commit. Let’s take a closer look at your astrological sign to expose some of your deepest and darkest follicle secrets:

Aries ♈

The Aries girl with her long locks is easily bored and caught twirling her hair more often than not! Although it’s cute, excessively touching your hair can lead to frizziness, tangled hair, or an overload of grease. Please put your hands down and keep them there!

Taurus ♉

The earthy Taurus tends to be obstinate with their hair. Although you can do as you please with your hair, it’s best to avoid heating tools, chemical treatment, or similar products that can be downright torturous for your hair.

Gemini ♊

A busy beaver whose lack of decisiveness can wreak havoc on the hair. Don’t torture your tresses into every color of the rainbow—settling for one will save your hair from excessive wear and tear.

Cancer ♋

Been clinging to a hairstyle for far too long? That’s Cancer! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone without getting too crabby.

Leo ♌

We know a queen when we see her. A Leo is ruled by the sun, but that doesn’t mean you can dismiss the dangers of sun damage. Protection from the sun is critical if you don’t want to end up with a frazzled, parched mane.

Virgo ♍

The perfectionist who has an eagle’s eye for detailing and styling, Virgo is likely to overwash their hair causing the follicles to become brittle, dry, and lifeless. Plus, the oils that are driving you crazy may also be due to shampooing too often.

Libra ♎

Known for their diplomatic approach, Libra gets into conflicts head-on.  Since you’re such a social butterfly, you’re likely to hop onto hair trends without considering if they will look good on you or what it would be like to manage those looks.

Scorpio ♏

These natural leaders might get a little too aggressive when their hair isn’t cooperating. The biggest hair sin you’re likely to commit is using a strenuous drying towel to rip out the knots in your hair and trap them for a little too long around the curling rod.

Sagittarius ♐

A Sagittarius is near impossible to tie down considering they’re always on the lookout for knowledge and experiences. Try to refrain from making spontaneous hair decisions, as you may regret it later on. Thankfully, Hair Extensions of Houston has hair extensions for short hair to cover up a bad haircut.


Short haircut

Capricorn ♑

Always playing it safe, you know that’s a Capricorn. But don’t fall into the trap of sporting geriatric hair.

Aquarius ♒

We love a natural-born rebel who puts the stylists at Hair Extensions of Houston to the test by demanding replicas of near-impossible hairstyles. But remember to stop every once in a while to show your over-processed, stressed locks some love.

Pisces ♓

Your water sign is filled to the brim with empathy, compassion, and love for all things artsy and musical. But as much as you love a dip in the salty ocean, your hair may not. Keep out of excessive exposure to salt and chlorine as they may take a toll on your tresses. The only way to reverse the damage is deep conditioning!

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