It’s short, easier to manage, and always looks chic! There’s a reason long bobs have become a style statement for modern women.

With nearly 75,978,000 women above the age of 16 employed in the labor force, they made 46.9% of the working population in 2018. The numbers have certainly increased in the past two years, and a lot more has changed during this time.

The need for convenient styling options has increased as more women are concerned about their professional attire. They need quick styling ideas to get ready for work in the short window they have every morning. They can’t visit good hair salons every week for a hair treatment either. They need a long-term solution for their hairdos.

This is why styling short hair without compromising on your taste has become a go-to option for most women. And with non damaging hair extensions that make your hair bouncy and fluffy, you have a world of options at your feet.

Here are some tips that’ll help you style your office look.

Loose Curls To Set The Flyaways

If you’re not handy with hairstyles, you’ll need some styling tools to look your best on an important workday. They can save a lot of time, effort, and give you the perfect professional hairstyle for a business meeting.

We all know how flyaways poking out of our hair can ruin the impression that you’re trying to create. Curling them loosely into lazy waves can solve that problem. However, it looks a lot better if you have thicker hair or thicker hair by proxy: hair extensions.

All you need is a curling rod for those quick twists in the morning to frame your hair away from the face. It not only makes you look neat but also presentable for a professional shoot.

Hair Pins To Your Aid

A working woman can never have enough hairpins! You need a hoard of these hair saviors in your purse, on your dresser, and even in your glove compartment. They’re so versatile that they can save you from making an embarrassing appearance any time of day, anywhere.

Be it a sudden frizz due to humidity, bald spots peeking from the parting, or a greasy scalp, hairpins can fix all hair problems.

However, with hair extensions installed in your hair to give them a good volume, you won’t ever need to worry about thinning hair or wide partings. Just pin up a thick lump of hair on the side or at the back with a slight twist, and you’re perfect for meeting new clients.

Subtle changes in how you pin your hair can transform your look: pin them near the center parting for a youthful look and behind your ear for a formal, graceful appeal.


Professional Hair Styles


(Half Or Full) Bun For A Boss Look

Nothing makes a woman look more in command than a trendy pair of glasses perched on the nose, perfectly arched eyebrows, and a high bun.

You can choose between a half bun or a full one. And if you’re under the illusion that short hair doesn’t make fluffy buns, you haven’t tried our hair extensions yet. What you need for hair buns most is not length as much as volume, and hair locs can give you that.

If you have a long bob and a set of hairpins or a scrunchy, you can easily tie it up in a bun. Not to mention, it can make your life easier while you’re neck-deep into work.

Short hair looks as great as glamorous long curls if your hair is thick and voluminous. That’s no longer a blessing you get from your genes because hair extensions have made beautiful hair attainable and accessible. We offer short hair extensions for thin hair with the non-damaging hair loc system in Houston, TX. Our stylists are trained in the original hair-loc system and have specialized in this and other hair extension techniques.

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