We’ve all heard stories of bad haircuts and salon experiences gone wrong. While some of these may be hilarious to read, they can be the stuff of nightmares for customers who spent their hard-earned money on professional services.

Be it lack of experience, an honest mistake, or merely a trick of lousy luck, the following horrible mistakes at salons can give you the goosebumps:

The color switch

This one’s a classic. Remember when someone in school ended up with a muddy brown patch on their head instead of getting the trendy auburn? Sometimes, when fate isn’t on your side, such incidents can occur. Maybe your stylish mixed the wrong shades, or you felt brave and risked with new colors.

Whatever the case may be, no one wants to end up looking like an assault to eyes. So, the next time you visit the salon for a hair dye, make sure you know your colors!

Burned or damaged hair

Inexperienced and clumsy stylists can sometimes use harsh chemicals on your hair that may burn or damage them. Hair is a crucial part of your look. Imagine walking around with a snapback to hide damaged hair for a long time.

But it doesn’t stop there; putting yourself in an inexperienced hand may cause skin burns and rashes. Ask around, and you’ll hear stories about inept salons causing skin problems to their customers.

Woman in red shirt getting a blow dry at a salon


Bad haircuts

What’s worse than having a bad hair day? Having bad hair days for a really long time! A slight trim here and there, and you may end up looking like Jareth The Goblin King from Labyrinth.

If you communicated with your inept stylist and told them exactly what you wanted, you may still end up with a disastrous hairdo due to their clumsiness.

Poorly installed hair extensions

Remember Britney Spears’ bird’s nest in the mid-2000s? The legend goes that the thousands of dollars Britney spent on her hairstylists couldn’t save her from the hair extension disaster that occurred.

Poorly installed hair extensions and using heat, sewing, and braiding to keep them in shape are some of the worst things that inexperienced salon stylists can do to your hair. At Hair Extensions of Houston, we use the renowned original hair-loc system to install hair extensions on our esteemed clients.

We understand a terrible salon experience can have huge repercussions. Therefore, we prioritize our client’s requirements and do our best to provide exceptional services. Our Hair salon in Houston, TX, is led by the expert cosmetologist, Brenda McLeod, who doesn’t compromise quality.

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