Imagine sitting in class next to the boy you like and trying to smile his way when you notice an unpleasant look on his face. Instantly, you’re worried about whether you smell bad or if you have a zit on your face – but sometimes, it’s something as little as having greasy hair in school.

Now that you’re in school, you can’t get hair extensions to amp the look, and there’s barely anything you can do to fix your greasy hair, and you have to risk your crush knowing that you don’t always look super attractive, right? Absolutely not, you don’t have to stick with the look, and you can use some of these quick fixes to enhance your overall look.

Don’t see how we can help you manage that? Don’t worry; just trust the experts. Keep on reading to find out some great tricks to fix your hair when it becomes greasy in the middle of school.

Let’s begin!

Dry Shampoo

You run around, the weather shifts during the day, or you have physical exercise during school – sweat and dirt can make your freshly washed hair greasy again. You don’t have to hide in the bathroom when that happens; all you need to do is carry dry shampoo with you to give yourself a quick fix if your hair starts producing excessive oil.

Just take a handful of the product and rub it on the roots of your hair, and watch how your hair appears fresh again.

Pull it into a Sleek Ponytail

A girl smiling while holding a red folder.

Don’t have products with you? Don’t worry – you can use a traditional trick that has worked every time. If your hair becomes greasy, all you need to do is pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail. The natural grease will help keep loose ends tucked in your ponytail, giving you the perfect chic look on a disaster-prone day!

Top Head Braids

If you’re not fond of the sleek ponytail, you can always use multiple braids on your crown area to hide away the greasy look on your hair. You can create multiple braids on your crown and pull them back; now, you can either tie them in a half up-do or leave them hanging at the back of your head.

Extensions for Emergency

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