It’s fall and everyone’s heading back to school. We’re sure you’re excited to meet all your friends again, but don’t you want to look your best when you do? The new school year means new styling possibilities. Whether you want to use new hair accessories or semi-permanent hair coloring to get a unique look, you have to experiment this year!

Instead of focusing largely on changing your hair, how about you use your existing hair and try some trendy, fashionable, and absolutely refreshing back-to-school hairstyles this year? You can use different hair bands, clips, and more to finish off each of these looks – they are simple, easy to achieve, and will last you the whole day if you follow our instructions.

Worried that you have short hair for these hairstyles? You can even use hair extensions to achieve these looks. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

French Braided Pigtails

Just because you’re in high school doesn’t mean you have to ditch the pigtails. All you have to do is upgrade how you make them, jazz them up a bit, and there you have it: a trendy look to die for. You can part your hair in two equal sections, take each section from the top of your crown, and start braiding, moving down. Make sure all your hair is carefully tucked into the braid.

Repeat on the other end, and watch how beautiful and easy it is!

Double Sided Buns

two girls with double-sided buns sitting on yellow chairs.

Is it too hot to wear your hair down? Maybe we can help. Take your hair and part it into two equal sections. Roll each section and wrap it into a bun on each side of your hair. These double-sided buns are a quick fix for mornings when you’re about to miss the bus or are too tired to put in too much effort.

You can accessorize it with glitter, fancy clips, or plain old colorful hair bands.

Voluminous High Ponytail

A high ponytail works no matter what the occasion is. These ponytails can make you look festive and super ready even on mundane days. If you have thin and limp hair, then make use of some good-quality hair extensions to create the perfect voluminous ponytail.

Extensions for Better Hair Styles

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