It’s tempting to throw your hair into a ponytail during the summer or whenever you’re too lazy to create elaborate hairstyles while going out. However, wearing tight updos too often can damage your hair.

Breakage due to improperly made ponytails can result in hair loss and traction alopecia. According to top stylists at Hair Extensions of Houston, here’s how you can prevent your hair from getting damaged:

Don’t tie your hair while it’s wet

Wet hair is a lot more susceptible to external changes and porous. Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet or put it into a ponytail. Let it air dry, or use a blow dryer to style it in any updo. Wet hair tends to snag and can break from the middle, causing permanent damage or hair loss.

Use the right kind of ponytail holders

Scrunchies have made a comeback, and we’re living for it. These wonderful fabric ponytail holders are much better than metal or rubber hair ties that cause unnecessary damage and breakage. Fabric ties are super gentle on your hair and hold it together in a looser manner compared to rubber hair ties, which tend to cause headaches and breakage, especially when taking them out.

Use serums

Using a hydrating or moisturizing serum before styling your hair can help make it stronger and prevent any breakage. Dry hair is much more brittle and susceptible to damage, so ensure that you have a proper hair care routine in place. If you have hair extensions, it’s best to ask your hair stylist for their recommended products.

Don’t put your hair up every day

Try switching things up if you need to wear your hair away from your face because of your job or active lifestyle. Instead of the usual ponytail, you can make a braid, low bun, or low ponytail to help keep your hair healthy and let it recover.

A half ponytail with short hair extensions

Want a longer, fuller ponytail?

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