Flat irons: the lifeline of a modern woman; who will ever deny that? This savior keeps taking care of your bad hair days, making it easier for you to style them however you want. But guess what, you are overlooking a crucial step: cleaning your flat iron. Yes, even your hair straightener needs to be cleaned, just like any other equipment.

Why should you clean your flat iron, anyway?

Using a dirty flat iron can seriously damage your hair. When you straighten your hair, the hair products you use and your hair sebum stick onto the plates of your flat iron and accumulates over time.

So what, right?

This built-up residue leads to an uneven spread of heat on the flat iron plates, leading to split ends and burnt, weak, and damaged hair.

This is why it’s recommended that you clean your flat iron once a week, at least.

Things you need for a spotless flat iron:

  • A clean, soft towel
  • Rubbing alcohol or warm water
  • Cotton balls

Flat Iron On Display

Steps to clean your flat iron:

A cell phone, magazine, and flat iron on display

Switch it off:

Once the iron is sufficiently hot, unplug it. Let it cool down and rest for about 5 minutes.

Time to clean those plates:

Using a soft towel:

Wet the towel a little and gently scrub it on the hot plates.

Using rubbing alcohol:

If the residue on your flat iron is strong, you can use cotton balls dipped in rubbing alcohol for a deeper clean. After cleaning with alcohol, use a wet cloth to gently wipe off the flat iron, removing alcohol or any leftover dirt.

How often should you be cleaning your flat iron?

A lot of product buildup on the flat iron leads to uneven straightening, which means you have to run the flat iron multiple times over a section of hair. This exposes your hair to a lot more heat than it should get.

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