At some point in our lives, we’ve all tried to work out the best way to part our hair. While you might have seen your friends or favorite celeb pull off a certain part, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll look just as great as you.

Some of us have learned that the hard way, going through several years with unflattering hair that ruins your entire look.

Luckily, though, there are certain ways you can find the best part for you. Changing up your hair’s part depends on various factors, here are some of them to consider:

Face shape

The biggest indicator of the perfect part for your hair is your face itself. Just as your perfect haircut or style of makeup relies on the structure of your face, the way you part your hair does too!

There are various different types of face shapes—ranging from round, oval, and square to oblong, diamond, and heart—and each one determines the ideal part for you.

Naturally-elongated face shapes—such as ovals and oblongs—require a part that brings more roundness to your face. A middle part is not ideal or someone with this face shape as it’ll just elongate the face even more. Opt, instead, for a side part that adds more width to your face.

If you have a more square or round face, you can opt for a flattering middle or a deeper side part. Both these styles will add more softness to square faces, while providing a more angled look to people with rounder faces.

Parting Your Hair


Your preferred style of parting also relies on the look you’re hoping to achieve. Finding the perfect part for you isn’t an exact science—it requires trial, error, and your personal preferences.

While your hair may naturally part a certain way—you can identify this by combing and air-drying them after a shower—you can always change the part. You can go for a middle part that’s slightly off-center for everyday wear, that’s usually the au naturel part for many people! If you’re looking for some extra oomph, choose a more volumizing deep side part.

Hair texture

Whether you like it or not, your hair’s texture plays a part in the way it naturally falls.

Fine, thin hair tends to fall flat and usually centers down the middle. To counteract this, and add the illusion of full hair while you’re at it, you should give your limp hair some oomph with a deep side part. This lifts the roots and gives you a fuller, volumized look.

Curly hair usually has a mind of its own—and your best bet is letting it do its thing! Instead of trying to tame your hair into a part of your choice, let your hair’s natural texture dictate where it goes.

Some parts just work better than others, but it all depends on finding out what works for you. As long as you have luscious, healthy hair, there’s no stopping you!

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