The months leading up to your big day can be filled with stressful decisions and too many moving parts. From table centerpieces and flower arrangements to your own hair and makeup, you’ve got a lot to decide when it comes to making the day just perfect.

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll be making is choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Contrary to what you might’ve thought before, the perfect wedding white isn’t just one specific color. In fact, there are several shades of white that you can choose from—depending on which one is most flattering on you.

From ivory and champagne to diamond white and pearl, the cohesiveness of your look relies on ensuring your hair, makeup, and dress perfectly complement each other.

Here are some of the most flattering hair colors for brides on their big day:

Pretty in pastel

Springtime is all about fresh beginnings and gorgeous, pale pastels. Don’t just stop at your décor and flower arrangements when it comes to inserting pops of color, adding a subtle pastel hint to your hair can take your look to the next level.

This soft, bridal hair color has become increasingly popular over the years—and for a good reason. Gorgeous muted pinks, demure purples, and pale blues perfectly complement your white dress, giving you a beautiful boho-chic vibe.

Fiery red

If you’re going for a timeless, vintage look on your wedding day, red-hued hair will give you an effortlessly rustic look. Red or burgundy shades will perfectly contrast against the vibrant white of your dress, making you look ethereal as ever.

Whether you’re a natural redhead or prefer a reddish hue in your hair, this is an exquisite hair color that’s contemporary and timeless in itself!

Wedding Dress2

Balayage beauty

For brides that want to go for a more classic look, the most flattering hair color is a combination of different shades of brown or blonde. Balayage adds dimension to your hair, framing your face beautifully and making the hairstyle stand out more.

Whether you opt for cooler tones or warmer ones, this gorgeous color adds effortless elegance to your look. What makes balayage such a popular choice amongst brides is that it’s the perfect romantic and luxurious hair color that doesn’t require as much upkeep, that’s why it looks so great in almost any hairstyle!

The trick to pulling off the perfect wedding hair is to consult with your hairstylist and try the color once before you choose it for your big day. As one of the best hair salons in Spring, Hair Extensions of Houston is the place to be in the days leading up to your special day.

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