Hair extensions are one of the most popular hair products used to transform your hair and make it look even more gorgeous. With the right set of hair extensions, you can give yourself a whole new range of hairstyling options.

However, it’s imperative that you choose the right thickness for your extensions. If you fail to do this, your hair would look awkward and unkempt.

Here’s how you can decide on the thickness level for your hair extensions.

Assess Your Hair Length & Cut

The first thing you should look at is your hair length. How long is your hair, and what type of a haircut do you have? For instance, is your hair cut in layers? Do you have bangs or a fringe? What about the shape of your hair from the back?

All of these factors account for the thickness of hair extensions. Most individuals prefer getting 20-inch thick hair extensions as these add length as well as volume to the hair. For even longer hair, you can get even thicker extensions. Make sure the thickness of your hair extensions blends in well with your haircut and doesn’t make the extensions stick out!

Look At Your Hair Type

Length and haircut aside, what exactly is your hair like? Do you have straight, fine hair? Is your hair thick and curly? Do you have slight waves and bounciness at the strands? Are your hair dry or oily? What about frizz?

woman with straight hair


It’s only when you’ve evaluated your hair type that you can pick hair extension thickness. Otherwise, your extensions just won’t look right no matter how high-quality they are or how expertly they’re inserted in your hair. Your hair type should match the thickness if you want the best results. For example, a person with thinner hair should opt for extensions that aren’t too thick.

As a rule of thumb:

  • If you have medium-length, thin to fine hair, opt for slightly thick extensions that add volume and length.
  • If you have longer hair with average thickness, opt for thicker extensions to balance the existing length and volume.

Hair Extensions of Houston! provides custom-blended hair extensions. We use a copper loc hair extension system and offer hair extension styling and maintenance services in Houston, Texas. If you’re having trouble deciding hair extension thickness, contact us today for further details!