The glass trend is making a comeback from the ‘60s where Vidal Sassoon achieved extreme levels of shine on short angular cuts. Hairstylists have started to up the trend once again to create this perfectly polished, shiny hairstyle that has the reflective qualities of glass.

This look might seem rather familiar and has existed for quite a while. It’s a new name for the popular hairstyle called the “silk press”. People seem to want to experiment and have something other than texturized beachy waves.

The goal is to create a look that mimics the high-shine finish of glass by straightening the hair. The silky, sharp-cut strands reflect light at every angle. Here’s how it’s done.

Prepping the hair

Second-day hair works amazingly for most styles, but not this one. Ensure that your hair is clean and moisturized with no build-up of any sort. Shampoo and condition your hair using shine-boosting products both in and out of the shower. Use some leave-in conditioner and prep your hair with a heat protectant to prevent damage and frizz.

A smooth blowout can greatly decrease the amount of time you spend using a flat iron on your hair. The hairstylist will take ultra-fine sections of your hair to straighten and take their time with each strand.

Short, blunt hair works best for this method. Layers reflect light differently and won’t give that uniform, glossy look you’re looking for. Long hair doesn’t retain its style as long as short hair can, so keep that in mind before trying out this trend.

Brushing while straightening

The hairstylist will brush your hair well beforehand and straighten it. They will keep pulling your down along with the iron for a smooth finish. Using a boar bristle brush to bring out the shine is another great way to make the look last.

Finishing with the right products

With the right products, any hair miracle is possible. Running an oil-based hair serum through your hair is a good idea but make sure it doesn’t touch the roots, lest you get a greasy look. Set your look and protect it against humidity and frizz with some hairspray.

The stylist will choose one that’s formulated to leave you looking shiny and satiny instead of crispy. Instead of spraying it directly onto your hair, spritz it onto your hairbrush and gently glide that through your hair.

Shiny platinum blonde hair

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