It’s no secret that hair care products can be a nightmare for those of us with sensitive skin.

We’re stuck in the conundrum of wanting to have healthy, beautiful hair but fearing what could happen if we use our regular shampoo or conditioner.

Most commercial brands are full of chemicals that can cause more harm than good! Luckily, there are some great natural and organic haircare products out there for people like you and me who want to keep it safe.

You can find them at Hair Extensions of Houston here. Whether you’ve got natural hair or high-quality hair extensions, these products in our Hair Salon Houston TX will work for you.

If you haven’t tried out any organic or natural hair care products yet, I recommend starting with these three easy-to-find and affordable products:

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment


Nature knows what it’s doing. Which is why Loma’s natural hair product, Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment, is as pure and good for your hair as it gets.

This safe-for-everyday oil provides thermal protection up to 450 degrees, ensuring that no matter how hot your morning shower was or how much you’ve used the hot tools, your hair is taken care of!

It’s made with organic ingredients rich in anti-oxidants and contains no artificial color or fragrance. The easy application makes drying time dramatically less frustrating; plus, the high shine and aromatherapy benefits will have you feeling like an absolute boss babe every day.

Use a small amount of one or two pumps every day on damp or dry hair and watch the split-ends and frizz vanish. Get your hands on it now.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate.Me-Wash

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash


If you’ve been struggling with dry, lackluster hair that has a tendency to frizz up at the slightest drop of rain, we’ve found the answer!

It’s time for an awakening because Hydrate.Me-Wash will not only help to restore balance and shine but also give you strands that are soft and silky.

Invented by Kevin Murphy, the man behind countless innovations in the celebrity hairdressing world, this is a must-have when it comes to smoothing out coarser textures.

And if fighting the harsh effects of dry climates or using products that contain nasty chemicals is something you struggle with too, then this product will be perfect for giving you the hair you love.

Apply a small amount on damp hair and massage gently on hair and scalp. Buy it now.


Kevin Murphy Young.Again

Kevin Murphy Young Again


Feeling a little thirsty for something new? Restore yourself with today’s newest wonder, Kevin Murphy Young.Again.

Formulated to help counteract the ageing process and restore nourishment with an intense blend of antioxidants, this weightless oil will transform your hair from brittle to beautiful in just one application.

With a refreshing fragrance that carries hints of grapefruit and geranium to deeply condition your tresses while amending dryness and adding shine, it is no surprise you’ll want to indulge yourself every time!

A luxe sheen enhances any style – sleek or wild – plus heat protection up to 200°F lets you roll around all day long with your styling tools while shielding you from damage.

Get these products from Hair Extensions of Houston. We’re a full service Hair Salon in Spring and are renowned for our premium Russian hair extensions. Check out our work.

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