History’s hairdos have gotten us captivated with their elegance and ethereal beauty. These charming ‘dos are timeless with modern twists making them look just as stylish as they used to be back in the day.

Here are some chic styles for you to try out at the next wedding or garden party you attend:

Faux bob

The faux bob was a stylish feature in The Great Gatsby. This glamorous play on a traditional ‘20s bob allows you to look just as chic without having to cut off all of your hair. Tucking in your hair to give the illusion of short strands also provides extra volume that elevates the look further.

It’s the perfect temporary haircut to wow any onlookers at a party!

Finger waves

Finger waves aren’t the simplest style to recreate, but enough practice will let you master this art. It’s the perfect look for fancy events and weddings where you need to look classy yet eye-catching at the same time.

You can even twist the ends into a sleek updo and pin up a large hair accessory to make your ‘do the star of the show. Try using non-damaging hair extensions for some extra oomph in your curls!

Victory rolls

Victory rolls are one of the most iconic and beloved vintage hairstyles. These voluminous face-framing curls are very distinctly 1940s. The look might seem a bit too quirky for the office; depending on where you work, you can still try it out for fun nights out on the weekends!

While it takes some practice to master this hairstyle, the end result is charming and super feminine. Make sure to keep it in place with lots of hairspray!

Vintage curls and glam roll

For a more subdued option, you can try out this modern hairstyle that features a vintage touch! A single roll at the top of the head creates a sense of movement, while modern face-framing curls hang loose to soften the look up. You can even pair it up with a hair scarf or flowers for some extra glam.

Long blonde hair with custom-blended hair extensions


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