We’ve all wanted to try out unnatural shades in our hair at some point in our lives. We’ve wondered whether we could pull off these bold colors daily from vibrant blues to fiery reds. With an endless amount of possibilities and color variations, dyeing your hair can get addicting!

Here are some fantasy hair colors you should definitely try out at least once:

Purple balayage

Purple is the color of royalty, and what’s better than covering our hair in this gorgeous shade? A deep, bright purple can work with every skin tone. Blending a fantasy dye job requires a specific set of skills which can look ethereal if done right. Darker purple roots with a cooler blue tone with light purple strands acting as highlights can give the whole ‘do a ton of dimension and structure.

A rainbow twist

Classic rainbow hues on hair will never go out of style, but what if you make it even trendier by going for a more subtle, cool-toned approach? With a gentle ombre of darker shades at the roots, getting lighter at the tips, you can play around with various colors and combinations to get the perfect look.

Blend a bright blue top layer with an under a layer of oranges, peaches, and yellows, to get a fun and eye-catching ‘do that can definitely act as a conversation starter.


Turn heads with a fiery red-orange look that seems to have encapsulated the sky at sunset. Blending in streaks of hot pink can add some extra dimension and give the feeling of clouds reflecting the burning sun. Dyeing your hair red will require less effort as well since most people have a natural copper undertone to their hair that gets revealed after a layer of bleach.


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