Often flat-lined into submission using straighteners or curled up using curlers, wavy hair is completely misunderstood.

The paradox of wavy hair is: everyone seems to have a say, and yet no one really seems to know how to look after it. If you’re trying to figure out how to care for those good ol’ wavy hair, you’re in the right place.

Give those waves extra love with these hair care tips, because every hair type is unique and needs to be cared for differently.

1. Moisturizing Is the Key

Wavy hair requires way more moisture than straight hair, so you need to make sure you’re buying hair products that help hydrate your hair. This makes your hair frizz-free and easier to manage. Experiment a bit with different products to see what works for you. Kevin Murphy’s hair products are perfect for hair that needs that moisture bump.

2. Deep Conditioning

Waves and curls are naturally drier, and so they easily break; this is where deep conditioning comes in. It strengthens and hydrates your hair deeply, increasing the moisture content of your hair immensely. Deep conditioning also makes it easier for you to comb your hair. Twice a week of this will show a drastic change to your wavy hair.

3. Drop that hairdryer

Hairdryer, brush, comb, and scrunchies.

Hairdryers are a godsend, it seems, but they aren’t actually doing any good to your waves. Heat-styling tools damage your hair after a while and make you lose moisture easily. Remember how important moisture is for wavy hair? This is why air-drying is what you need: it lacks heat and doesn’t dry out your scalp.

4. Drop That Hair Brush Too

Yes, no brushing: wavy hair is fragile and needs extra care. Detangle only when showering using a good amount of conditioner. After you’ve covered your wet hair with conditioner, you can either use a wide-tooth comb (check out the Diane Fluff Comb from Hair Extensions of Houston) for this purpose or your fingers. Slowly and gently ease out any knots that you may have. Using force will break your hair.

5 – Protecting the Waves

A woman's brown wavy hair

In the end, you need to be vigilant. Avoid anything that causes frizz, breakage, or tangles to your hair. Go for a satin or silk pillowcase to keep your hair protected and smooth while you sleep. If you do want to straighten or curl your hair, know about the damage it does, and use a heat protector.

Your hair is your crown, and we at Hair Extension of Houston take it seriously. If you’re looking for hair extensions in Houston, we provide non-damaging premium Russian hair extensions, their installation, maintenance, coloring, and styling services in Houston, Texas. Book an appointment with us today!