Disclaimer: Check with HEH before starting new products.  Not all products are equal for extended hair.

Kevin Murphy has been recognized as an industry innovator with products that can take dull, boring hair and convert it into something luscious with the right amount of texture. It also has a minimal environmental impact (yay for sustainable haircare!).

Have you spent your life hiding away bad hair with wigs and quality hair extensions? With Kevin Murphy products, that choice will only be fashionable and not a necessity. An average American woman will spend close to a quarter-million dollars on her appearance in her lifetime. And we’re here to tell you why you have to spend that on Kevin Murphy products with our new favorites.


Now your hair color can be better and more vibrant than ever with the Everlasting.Colour Leave-in treatment. It’s a lightweight leave-in spray that improves the hair from the inside by treating uneven hair porosity. Due to uneven hair porosity, hair can absorb color at different rates, making it look patchy. Use the leave-in spray before your color treatment to promote an even result. It also protects the color vibrancy and nourishes, hydrates, and repairs hair. Get robust and healthy colored hair that is also safe from environmental stressors.


For the people who love low-maintenance looks, the BEDROOM.HAIR texturising hairspray is a godsend. It’s the secret to getting sexy tousled bedroom hair without putting in any actual work. It promises a flexible hold with a touchable texture that you can run your fingers through. No crusty hair here; instead, what you get is the epitome of perfectly imperfect hair. Now you can say I woke up like this and actually mean it!


Do you need something to give your styling a boost? Try the Ever.Bounce. The lasting hold heat-activated extender gives you beautiful bouncy hair every time. It’s heat activated and features long-chain polymers and a phytonutrient complex for smooth, bouncy hair. It’s a weightless spray that will activate once it hits the heat of your blow dryer to give you a frizz-free finish. Apply it to towel-dried hair and blow-dry as you would. Then just watch the magic unfold. People will stop asking if that’s your natural hair or if you just invest in high-quality hair extensions that look like the real thing.

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