Looking for quick and easy hairstyle to rock at that after-work party? Or are you looking for some creative ways to style your hair for best friend’s wedding?

Finding the perfect dress and hairstyle for formal events isn’t always easy. To help you out, we’ve included in this blog some of our favorite formal hairstyles that you can try with your hair extensions.

Messy French Twist

A French twist is a timeless hairstyle suited for occasions of all types. These twists look best when styled on long hair, which is what makes them a perfect hairstyle for women with hair extensions.

Begin by backcombing your hair lightly to add extra volume. Make sure you tease the hair on the sides as well. Next, pull your hair backward in a ponytail and roll the ends in the direction you want your twist in. Once you read the back of your head, secure the style with bobby pins. Finish by applying a strong-hold hairspray.


A Chignon may seem like the kind of hairstyle that would demand hours of efforts, however, can be replicated in minutes and looks amazing with hair extensions!

Start by forming a low ponytail close to the nape of your neck and secure it with elastic. Next, split the ponytail into two sections and twist both. Wrap the sections over each other to form a loose rope braid. Begin creating your chignon by wrapping your hair around your finger. Once you’re done, secure the ends with the help of bobby pins.

To prevent your bun from falling, make sure you use the criss-cross technique when securing it in place. You can also accessorize the final look to add more glamour to it.

Ponytail-French Twist Hybrid

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s both laidback and chic at the same time, you should definitely give this hybrid up-do a try. Begin by teasing your hair at the crown and then pull them backward to form a ponytail.

Twist the ponytail inward by the nape of your neck, forming a loose French twist. Once you reach the nape of your neck, you can pin the twist in place with the help of some bobby pins and allow the bottom of the ponytail to hang loose.

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