We’ve all heard old wives’ tales about certain things that can make us sick. Sleeping with wet hair is one of them.

But is this true or is it just another myth?

Here’s why you should never sleep with wet hair extensions or hair:

Severe Hair Breakage and Frizzy Extensions

Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Therefore, it’s no surprise that when you go to bed with wet hair, you’ll end up with more breakage and hair fall.

When you’re sleeping, you’re bound to toss and turn. The friction caused by it can break your natural hair and tangle up your extensions. Your extensions will become frizzy as a result.

Secondly, extensions take time to absorb moisture. Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions don’t consistently rejuvenate themselves or grow. Therefore, you’ll have to be cautious with them.

You’ll Catch a Cold

You’ll Catch a ColdWhen you sleep with wet hair and extensions, you’re more likely to catch a cold.

And since it’s winter, you’ll have to be extra careful. While your hair and extensions aren’t the reason that you’ll get sick, they do leave your scalp exposed. Sleeping with wet extensions will leave you with a cold and damage your roots.

After drying your hair, you can also blow-dry your bed sheet and blanket, to keep yourself cozy and warm throughout the night.

You’ll Spend More Time Styling It

It goes without saying that you’re going to end up with knots and tangles when sleeping with wet hair. Because of friction, your hair will become frizzy once they dry. The same applies to your extensions.

Having to untangle them can be a hassle. It’ll take more time to separate the extensions from your natural hair. Your extensions could also end up looking dull because of the frizz. And natural frizzy hair can hide the beauty of your extensions.

Remember that hair extensions can’t grow back like your natural hair. Therefore, the extensions you have need extra TLC to work their magic.

Wear a shower cap when you take a shower to protect your extensions from damage. Make sure to dry your hair and extensions properly before going to bed. Avoid brushing wet extensions so that they don’t end up becoming frizzy.

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