When you first start considering getting extensions, you are likely to get overwhelmed by the countless options available. From clip-ins to weaves, and loc system to sew-in extensions, it’s a lot!

Finding the right kind of installation method for your hair type and needs can seem much like trying to find your way out of a maze that you don’t have the map to!

But even with the number of options available today, there’s a reason why the “Euro Lock” system has been one of the most popular methods of extension installation for well over 3 decades. Now just known as the Loc System, the method is safe and long-lasting, and a great option for a number of other reasons!

100% Human Hair

HEH uses only the highest quality Russian virgin human hair for our extensions. Made out of human hair collected from donors, they imitate your natural hair perfectly, and also react better to heat styling and dyes than synthetic, factory made extensions do.

Safer Installation

Safer Installation

Unlike many other types of extension installation methods—including glue-in, sew-in, tape-in, or fusion—the Loc system does not use any harmful chemicals, heat, or hair damaging methods. Using a simple tiny copper tube lined with silicone, which is attached to your natural hair, the extension is pulled through the tube. The copper tube is then crimped flat to prevent it from slipping down.

Because no glue or heat is used, there is lesser chance of hair damage.


The average Loc system installation can last as long as you want with regular maintenance!  Lasting much longer than other forms of installation methods, loc system installations are more sustainable and durable, making them semi-permanent. Additionally, the extensions are reusable, and only require salon visits once every three months to push the tubes back to the top as the hair grows out.

Easier Removal

Got tired of your extensions and want them removed without damaging your natural hair? No problem!

Loc System extensions can be easily removed by a licensed professional in just under 15 minutes with no damage to your natural hair! The tape, glue, and foreign chemicals used in other methods of installation can cause hair breakage in the process of removal, and can cause damage to your natural hair.

More Natural Looking

The extensions use individual strands pushed through the copper tube, and so help the hair move more freely, helping it blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

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