As the temperature falls, you’ve planned out your whole skincare routine for the winter. Even though hair extensions need much less hair maintenance than your natural hair, they’ll still need some special attention during the winters. As the weather changes, remember that your hair extensions will also need extra care to retain their shiny and smooth texture.

With colder temperatures, your hair extensions are exposed to more dryness. Here are the winter hair extensions care tips we swear by!

Shield It From The Cold

Yes, just like the rest of you, your hair extensions need to be protected from the chilly winds. Invest in a silk scarf to protect your hair and avoid woolen and cotton ones. Wool and cotton scarves cause the extensions to rub against each other and often tangle due to the static electricity that generates as a consequence. The tangling can result in eventual hair breakage.

Ensure that any accessories you wear during the winter aren’t too tight as they’ll cause the extensions to break as you remove them.

Winter Means More Conditioner

Just like your skin needs that extra hydrating moisturizer, your hair and hair extensions do too. As the winter settles in and you turn up the heat in your house, the moisture from your hair drains out. An effective way to deal with this is by increasing the number of times you condition your hair and limiting the extensions’ exposure to shampoo.

Scalding Water To Wash HairDon’t Use Scalding Water To Wash Hair

As much as we love a long, warm shower, your hair extensions just can’t last long with long exposure to hot water. The hot water strips the oil that holds it down and limits its frizziness. Instead, use luke warm or cold water to wash and condition your hair as it helps to lock in the moisture. Using a leave-in conditioner also helps lock in that extra moisture.

Minimize Using Heat Styling

Excessive use of heat styling tools cause hair extensions to frizz and break. Heating tools cause your hair extensions to become dry and brittle, prone to breakage.

If you do need to style your hair using a heating tool, visit your hair salon. Your stylist will know exactly what temperature your extensions can stand and style it to perfection in the winter months.

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