As one of the most popular hair treatments in the recent past, hair extensions have become a household name.

Whether you’re an 18-year-old who’s looking to add some bombshell volume to your hair or a 30-year-old who’s trying to revive your locks, extensions are an easy go-to!

However, many people think they involve a ton of maintenance behind the scenes. While the look you flaunt in public showcases glamorous length, volume, and dimension, it’s easy to think that backstage, it’s chaotic and restrictive at best.

We’ve broken down some of the most common misconceptions about hair extensions to give you a glimpse of how much maintenance extensions really take. Curious? Read on!

Extra Care? Not Really

While you may think extensions require a ton of extra care, the reality is quite different.

Once you get a pair of stunning extensions, you have to care for them just like you would for your natural hair. This translates to avoiding toxic shampoo and conditioner, using natural hair serums and oils, avoiding rain and seawater, and using a gentle, wide-tooth comb.

Contrary to popular belief, extension-wearers are not required to sleep with only a select portion of their hair in contact with the sheets. If you’re conscious about hair care in general and don’t typically get your locks tangled in a mesh of gum, you’re good to go!

They’ll Help You Sneak in Extra SleepExtensions1!

A common belief that’s still making the rounds is that extension-wearers need to wake up extra early in the morning to prep their hair.


If you have hair extensions, you’ll actually end up saving a ton of time that would otherwise be spent on long styling sessions. Since you’re already amped up with gorgeous length, volume, and density, you don’t need to turn to curling irons, texturizing spray, hair mousse, dry shampoo, and the countless other products you’d otherwise use to get your hair to where you want it to be!

Save $$$!

As a one-time investment, extensions end up saving you a ton of $$$ in the long run.

If you crave volume and texture, the chances are that you make a lot of rounds to the salon. Your vanity is also most likely packed with products and tools that promise hair thickness and volume.

By getting extensions, you’re instantly waving goodbye to expensive trips to the salon and all the $$$ you’re wasting on products that promise a lot but achieve nothing.

Should I Get Extensions?


Do you want a low-maintenance look that saves time and money while making you look like an ethereal goddess?

If you answered yes, then you’re an ideal candidate for hair extensions.

Our original hair-loc systemensures each session results in a seamless look without the damage caused by other methods on the market, including glue, keratin, sewing, braiding, and taping.

Our premium Russian hair extensions will ensure you get a full head of voluminous hair that appears natural and effortlessly blended. Request an appointment to find out more and get started!