A month into 2020 and we’re all still wondering whether we should change up our hairstyles to match our “new year, new me” goals.

Perhaps a little hair inspo is what you need to make the decision!

Whether you want to go for the signature Kirsten Bell sleek blonde bob or the Hollywood waves like J. Lo, this list of the most popular hairstyles in 2020 will help you make the decision.

Take a look!

The Chandelier Bangs

2020 is the year where bangs are popular on all lengths—but especially when they’re paired with longer layers.

The Chandelier Bangs are soft side-swept bangs that are set in the middle part. They contour the sides of your face and run along your cheeks for a smooth look with graduating layers.

The polished bob

Out with the messy texture!

Asymmetrical bobs have always held a special place in our hearts, but this new, sleek look has really caught our attention. This kind of short bob has a more polished structure that has blunt lines of hair instead of the curly texture.

The tapered cut

The tapered cut is for all those African American women out there who want to grow their glorious curls out.

The tapered cut has shorter sides with a relatively larger length of hair at the top to give the hair a more naturally curly look.

Hottest Hairstyles2

The shattered bob

The shattered bob is the new edgy bob.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it has little or no layering but it still manages to look dimensional, textured, and voluminous. So, if you have medium-length hair that needs a little spicing up, the shattered bob may just be what you’re looking for.

A bowl cut crop

Whether you’re headed out for brunch or a glamorous night out to a charity ball, a polished crop isn’t going to disappoint.

The sleek haircut has a squared shape to it. Easy to maintain and even easier to style, this crop is a perfect way to show off your facial bone structure.

Hottest Hairstyles3

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