With wedding stardust and magic in the air, we’ve been struggling to stop obsessing over the breathtaking bridal hairdos that have been blessing our Instagram feeds lately.

If you’ve been finding it hard to stop scrolling like us, we’ve rounded up the most stunning looks to give you a quick dose of some heavenly bridal inspiration.

Whether your best friend’s getting hitched or you plan on tossing the bouquet yourself soon, these hairstyles are bound to take your breath away for all the right reasons!

1. The Sleek and Sophisticated Look

Bridal Hairdos

While the thought of a traditional bridal hair look may spring a beautiful bun to mind, we’ve been noticing less updos and more free locks lately.

Contemporary brides have been ditching the compact look for a breezy and effortless hairdo that enhances their beauty to perfection. With a set of luscious extensions in place, brides have been rocking the sleek look with a mid part for an added touch of elegance.

Want to recreate this look? Invest in a pair of natural-looking premium hair extensions for perfect length, texture, thickness, and volume. We recommend running your hair through a nourishing oil for shine that lasts all day.

2. A Romantic Floral Affair

Add the perfect touch of sweetness to your big day by opting for a loose half updo with romantic flowers delicately placed between tendrils. This soft look will pair perfectly with a delicate lace wedding gown.

Experiment with different braid styles and flowers to add a touch of  personality and sophistication to your look.

We recommend opting for a loose braid that is left undone towards the end for a seamless look. Ditch the hair tie and opt for lots of bobby pins for structure and hold.

If you want to take things up a notch, opt for a romantic fishtail braid. Tug on it for an effortless look that doesn’t appear too structured. The goal is to keep things slightly messy for a soft and romantic look.

Lastly, finish things off by twisting delicate flowers into your hair.

3. The Classic Half Updo

Bridal Hairdos

As one of the most frequently-sighted bridal hairdos in 2020, this classic look won’t be going away any time soon.

If you want to recreate this for a friend or request it for yourself, we suggest starting off with a head of voluminous hair. Opt for thick and long premium Russian hair extensions that will not only add texture and density to your hair, but will also look stunning because of their high quality.

With a soft bun behind your ears, the rest of your hair will flow freely and photograph beautifully on the big day!

4. An Ethereal Bun

While we’ve been seeing less buns in recent years, this tried-and-trusted hairstyle is still common among brides who want a more traditional look.

Here’s some stunning inspiration to help you determine which style would suit you best! As a rule of thumb, opt for a loose bun with a few tendrils hanging loosely around your face. This will add a romantic touch to the hairstyle and frame your face to avoid a harsh look on the big day.

5. Bombshell Brunette Magic!

Bridal Hairdos

We left the best for last. While we’re big fans of the sleek look, we’ve ultimately fallen in love with loose waves that retain softness while still adding the perfect touch of sophistication to the look.

Prepare your hair the night before with hydrating and nourishing serum to ensure your locks look rejuvenated on the big day. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you’ll be able to get away with minimal effort.

However, for flat hair that refuses to hold a curl, we recommend getting dreamy waves or loose curls from a reputable salon. Use thermal protection beforehand to prevent damage and viola—you’ll be ready for the biggest day of your life!

Unsure about whether you really need a pair of natural looking hair extension Houston for the big day? We’ve got you covered with a guide that helps you determine the best course of action. Don’t forget to kick back and have fun on the big day for great memories that keep replaying themselves in your head for years to come!