A funky hair dye can help bring out the eccentric side of your personality and make you stand out in any crowd. Dyeing your hair with your favorite color can boost your confidence and portray your uniqueness within your circle.

Your hair color can say a lot about your personality and can be a great way to express your taste. Unique hair color can give your visual introduction on your behalf and help you connect with like-minded people of your age. Here are a few of our hair color suggestions that may inspire your next hair dyeing appointment.

1. Platinum Violet

Platinum hair color mixed with a gorgeous hue of violet can produce many different combinations. This hair dye looks amazing on any length of hair and pairs well with the use of quality hair extensions.

2. Platinum, Purple, and Pink Shades

A beautiful gradient can be created by combining pastel pink and purple with a platinum or white hair color. Each hair section can be dyed with three colors, or a color spectrum can be created from the roots to the tip. This dyeing style looks ideal on long hair, and hair extensions for short hair can offer an easy way to try out this style.

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3. Red with Yellow

Pinkish red paired with orange-yellow make an amazing choice of hair color for people with layered hairstyles. This fiery combination of vibrant pastel colors can only be done right with the help of a professional salon expert.

4. Lavender

This shade of purple is often underestimated in its appeal and versatility. When combined with another shade of purple or a platinum hue, lavender can offer a mesmerizing look to any hair length.

5. Pastel Blue

Blue hair dye can look just as great with darker color combinations as with white or platinum. Highlights of blue color in black hair bring a subtle and glamourous look to long hair and hair extensions.

6. Rainbow

A beautiful rainbow made with contrasting pastel colors is the way to go for anyone who can’t decide on one colour.

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