Have you ever wondered what makes protein treatments so popular and why you need one?  Let us solve your confusion by telling you that the farther a hair is from its roots, the more it loses moisture and nourishment. The purpose of protein treatment is to restore the hydration and nourishment in the hair, and strengthen it from root to tip.

We discuss the benefits of protein treatment for your hair.

1- Protects Hair from All Kinds of Damages

Our hair faces a lot of damage from elements, like environmental pollutants, harsh hair care products, and heat styling. A protein treatment uses ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein or silk amino acids to protect the hair, scalp, and follicles from this damage. Furthermore, a protein treatment also places a barrier around the hair follicles, protecting them from further damage.

2- Strengthens Your Hair

You already know that protein is the building block of hair. Therefore, a protein treatment replaces all the protein that has been lost due to various reasons like less protein intake and hormonal changes. The protein treatment strengthens hair follicles, making the hair stronger and thicker.

3- Improves Hair Elasticity

Are you tired of hair that breaks every time you pull it a little while making a hairstyle? A protein treatment is the right solution for you. Besides strengthening your hair and protecting your hair follicles, a protein treatment also restores your hair’s elasticity. With improved elasticity, your hair will stretch and return to its original condition instead of breaking easily.

4- Improves the Overall Appearance of the Hair

The biggest benefit of protein treatment is that it enhances the overall appearance of your hair. The treatment improves the hair’s density, elasticity, and strength. It also helps make the hair look shinier and softer. Through protein treatment, you can get better-looking and healthier hair after one session.

Salon worker washing a person’s hair after a hair maintenance process

Protein treatments are of many types, and one of the most well-known and effective ones is Keratin treatment. At Hair Extensions of Houston, we provide high-quality Brazilian Keratin treatments in Houston. Furthermore, we also provide other salon services, including quality hair extensions & buy tape in extensions. At Houston hair Salons our hair extension services are one-of-a-kind, as we use the LOC system Russian hair extensions.

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