Your hair and scalp need nourishment just as your body does. Changing weather, humidity and daily shampooing can strip your hair’s natural moisture and softness. This may result in hair dryness and breakage in the longer run. In many Asian cultures, women oil their hair regularly to avoid hair damage. Here are a few reasons you should take up the habit of hair oiling.

1. Scalp Hydration

Most hair problems start at the scalp. A dry scalp can cause irritation, itching or even hair fall. Oiling your hair 2-3 times a week will keep your scalp hydrated and moisturized. Additionally, it’s easier to install hair extensions and accessories if the scalp is hydrated and damage-free.

2. Better Hair Growth

Shampoos and conditioners can only help with hair growth to a limited extent. Unless your hair is moisturized and nourished from within, it cannot grow to its natural potential. Hair oil gets absorbed deep within the roots and improves the quality of the hair from the root to the tip. Houston hair extensions experts recommend regular hair oiling to people with thinning hair and those recovering from other forms of hair damage.

Woman with long hair and bangs

3. Stronger Hair

Hair weak at the root breaks easily and is more susceptible to damage. With regular oiling, you can make your hair follicles strong enough to endure many types of damaging agents. When hair is stronger naturally, it doesn’t break or fall while brushing either and thickens without having to use any hair products.

4. Keep Dandruff Away

Hair oil is more effective at eliminating dandruff than any anti-dandruff shampoo can ever be. It saves the scalp from dandruff by providing moisture to every hair follicle.

5. Slows Graying

Another fantastic benefit of hair oiling is that it can prevent your hair from going gray early. This can save a lot of money in hair dyeing products that may damage your scalp even more.

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