Women of all ages have been getting hair extension services for a really long time. But these requests aren’t just limited to them anymore. Mothers accompany young girls to our salons and ask for hair extensions for them. While it doesn’t seem all that wrong, we can’t help but wonder if there should be an age limit to getting these services.

Young girls often have soft and thin hair, and they might want to hide that using hair extension. However, what most parents fail to realize is that hair follicles for young girls are weaker and more sensitive than those found in adults.

Here are a few ways that hair extensions can affect hair health for younger girls, read them for yourself and decide!

Can be Damaging

Using hair extensions for young girls can damage their natural hair follicles and hinder their hair health and growth in the long run. They could apply extra pressure to the natural hair and create more hair breakage than before.

All of this might be a little too much for a 13-year-old per se. However, if a parent is ready to put in the extra effort to help maintain the hair, then getting extensions at any age is absolutely okay.

It Requires Frequent Styling

Curling hair

After a wash, the extensions and the natural hair might differ in their texture. In order to maintain the glamour of the added hair extensions, it will require a lot of hair styling, and products, which might be harmful to the hair of young girls. They might not be able to do it themselves, either. While the idea is extremely exciting, high-quality hair extensions require a lot of maintenance.

Difficult to Maintain

For good quality hair extension maintenance, there are a number of things that clients need to take care of. They need to monitor the times they wash their hair, they need to be extremely gentle with them, and they have to develop a strong hair care routine. All of this can be overwhelming and unattainable for a teenager.

If you still want to give your child a makeover, then get it done from us at Hair Extensions Houston. We offer the loc system method, which is great for all hair types and is free from the use of glue, heat, chemicals, sewing, or braiding. To get high-quality non damaging hair extensions services, you need to get in touch with our representatives today and get an appointment today!