If you’ve recently stepped into the world of hair extensions, you’re probably dazed by the wide (and by wide, we mean wide) range of options on the market.

We were overwhelmed in the beginning too!

It’s hard to decide which kind to settle on amidst the chaotic pool of European, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Russian extensions. It’s only slightly less stressful than deciding which misogynistic man-child got on your nerves most for the day (hint: it’s always the faux woke “ally” in sheep’s clothing).

If you’re struggling with your extensions more than you’re struggling with men—which is the only way it should be—we’ve got you covered with a complete breakdown on why Russian hair extensions should be your ultimate go-to.

1. Quality, quality, quality!

It’s uncommon for extensions made from human hair to have close-to-perfect texture, porosity and elasticity. As opposed to synthetic extensions that can withstand chemical processing, natural extensions weaken as they undergo harsh treatments.

Extensions sources from Russian donors do not undergo these procedures, which are prevalent in the majority of extensions. Russian extensions have superior texture, low porosity and maximum elasticity which makes them ideal for use by women with different ethnicities.

2. Highly Tangle-Resistant

While synthetic extensions on the market are designed to be tangle-proof, most natural extensions don’t come with that impressive label. Indian, Chinese, Brazilian and Malaysian extensions undergo heavy bleaching and coloring (on top of the treatments mentioned above!) that wreaks havoc on their cuticles.

These processes aren’t necessary for Russian hair as it is naturally light and can easily develop new colors without requiring bleaching, which is a must for dark hair originating from Asian countries. This makes Russian extensions highly, while not completely, tangle-resistant.

hair3. Not Prone to Shedding

If you’re a frequent extension-wearer, we’re sure you understand the gut-wrenching woe that is hair shedding.

It feels like watching your money go down the drain—quite literally.

Extensions that claim to be ‘globally-sourced’ end up being synthetic counterfeits that are prone to shedding because of their quality and installation. While fake extensions are commonly produced in a lot of countries, Russian extensions are produced under strict regulations and laws that minimize counterfeits from being sold.

This issue hasn’t been eliminated entirely so it’s always important to purchase premium Russian hair extensions from a reputable and certified salon.

4. Long-Lasting Goodness!

Yes, Russian extensions last longer!

We’re not the first ones to say it and we surely won’t be the last ones.

Virgin blonde Russian hair is the gold standard of long-lasting extensions. Russian extensions that have been colored still have much longer lives than average globally-sourced extensions because of a lack of processing and treatment.

If you invest in a great pair of high-quality Russian extensions, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and money spent on touch-ups and frequent replacements.

Long-Lasting Goodness!6. Realistic and Seamlessly Blendable

Russian hair also has the ability to blend seamlessly with natural hair.

Its durability and quality prevents it from being detectable so you don’t have to worry about getting that god-awfully dreaded question that’ll put you on the spot and force you to admit that your hair, sob, isn’t real.

If you’re already a customer of ours, we’re certain you were already amped with all this information and are super satisfied with your premium Russian hair extensions from HEH. If you’re new to the game, let us take you under our wing and provide premium-quality Russian extensions that will transform your hair game. Call us for more information or check out our Instagram page for swoon-worthy before-and-afters.