If you’ve recently had hair extensions installed and can’t seem to get rid of the itchiness and discomfort on the scalp, you’ve ended up on the right page. Here you’ll find all the reasons why your hair extensions are acting up.

Even though mild itching is a common symptom reported by those who have recently gotten a new set of hair extensions, anything too irritable or itchy can make the experience incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant. We’ve decoded a few reasons as to why itchiness occurs in the first place:

1.      Oversensitive scale

Believe it or not, scalp sensitivity is a real thing. So in case you’ve got a sensitive scalp, your new set of hair extensions might take a bit longer to adjust. It’s because hair extensions add a significant amount of weight to your scalp — the most basic set of hair extensions weights between 100 to 125 grams, which is quite a lot for the head to support. Mild itchiness should typically last a few days while your scalp adapts to the change.

Alternatively, allergic reactions may also arise amongst hair extension wearers, but this has more to do with the method employed than the type of the hair. A glue-based method used to secure the hair extensions could react to keratin, whereas wearing a ring metal could result in the metal reacting within the ring.

A woman running her fingers through her hair


2.      Incorrect aftercare routine

Skipping on the proper aftercare routine can lead to scalp irritation and itchiness. For instance, if you don’t rinse out the shampoo from the bonds properly, the residue sitting on the scalp can cause dryness. 90 percent of the time, this problem occurs due to the extension wearer not rinsing their hair long enough.

3.      Tight-fitting of hair extensions

If you continue to experience a high level of discomfort or pain days after the initial fit of your hair extensions, the chances are that they have been fitted way too tightly and very close to the scalp, which exerts excess pressure. You need an experienced hair extension technician with adequate training to make the right kind of bonds.

Easy fix for an itchy scalp

Allow your new extensions adequate time to settle in after the fitting session, hoping that the issue will resolve itself when left alone. Meanwhile, go through your aftercare routine to ensure you’re doing everything right. If the itchy situation doesn’t subside, it’s best to visit a salon or hair extension expert to have them assessed.

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