Hair extensions are amazing.

They make it easy to enjoy life on all corners of the hair spectrum—the short, the long and the colored—without the hassle of waiting for your hair to grow out, or the emotional paralysis of cutting them short or the fear of having them turn out looking frightful in neon pink.

Hair extensions have secured all possibilities of hair experiments without you having to think twice about things like damage and change of trends.

But while all that is fine, there is one, lesser-noticed advantage of hair extensions that few people give them credit for: they help you grow out your natural hair!

Hair extensions help your natural hair grow by acting as a safety net. They keep your natural locks safe from heat styling tools, pulling, harsh combing and even build-up from hair products like hair spray and serums.

If you’re interested in growing out your mermaid locks with hair extensions, take a look at these tips.

Go To A Certified And Experienced Cosmetologist

Find a reputed and certified cosmetologist to install your hair extensions. If you’re looking to try out a new one, choose one who has the proper knowledge and experience installing hair extensions in a damage-free way.

An ideal option here would be to go to a salon that prioritizes non-damaging methods of installation, like the Hairlocs system.

Poor installation might result in extra strain on your hair, causing hair fall, thinning and breakage.

Experienced Cosmetologist

Double Down On Hair Care

If you don’t already have a moisturizing and conditioning hair routine, now would be a great time to create one.

Even though hair extensions provide an extra layer of hair to bear the environmental damage, it is important to take care of the natural hair underneath.

Since non damaging hair extensions don’t get nutrition directly from the scalp, it’s important to condition and moisturize them well to keep them looking healthy and natural.

Nourish Your Hair With Vitamins

In order to grow long, beautiful hair, it’s important to stay healthy. To make sure you’re getting your daily required nutritional value, add vitamins and supplements to your meals.

This will make sure you’re healthy and strong and maintain the health of your natural hair to ensure healthy growth.

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