If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have a mane of gorgeous curls or waves that you can’t figure out how to take care of. Not to mention the frizz problem you likely must deal with. Here is a short guide for curly and wavy hair girls.

Figure Out Your Wash Days

If you’re trying to make a healthy routine for curly or wavy hair, your first step is figuring out your wash routine and the products to use. For wavy hair, use a cleansing shampoo that removes build-up without messing with your waves.

For curls use sulfate-free shampoos. Also, use hydrating products. The curlier the hair, the longer it takes moisture to reach the ends of your hair.

Clump & Scrunch Your Curls

Scrunching up dry hair to get your curls back isn’t going to do much for you. It also promotes frizz. Your best bet is clumping and scrunching up your hair when it’s wet or at least damp.

Dry hair isn’t easy to manipulate, and with curly hair, you’ll just be doing your hair a disservice. Scrunch your freshly washed hair for the best results and to get the most definition. Flip your hair upside down and scrunch away.

girls with wavy hair

Condish & Squish Your Waves

Those are weird words, but they’re important, trust us. When you wash your hair, never skip conditioner. The best way to do it is by flipping your hair upside down in cupped palms. Squish the hair in the palms towards the scalp.

Our wavy hair girls must have noticed that after you dry your hair with the towel, you’ll see squiggly hair. That’s what you want! And it’s the perfect time to squish them.

Air Dry Instead of Heat Styling

This is for both the curly and wavy girls. When you have curls, coils, or waves, avoid excessive heat styling. This will help prevent frizz and protects the hair from damage.

Invest in a diffuser if you’re looking for something to quickly dry your hair. It doesn’t damage waves or curls and lets your hair keep its natural texture. Air drying gives amazing results, but not everyone has the time to wait for their hair to dry.

 wavy hair

Avoid Product Overload

If you have fine hair, whether it’s curls or waves, the product is going to weigh it down. Not every product will suit your hair either. Look for products that are specifically targeted at wavy or curly hair.

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