Your friend recently got her hair colored. She went with an ombre look—a beautiful caramel shade that complements her dark, chocolaty hair.

You’ve been wanting to get your extensions colored for quite some time but aren’t sure what would suit you. You know which shade will suit you but aren’t sure whether you should go with highlights, streaks, balayage, or ombre.

How about we make a suggestion? How about going with neither and instead opting for color melting?

But what exactly is “color melting”? How will it add life to your hair?

What Is Color Melting Technique?

While a lot of people get confused between color melting and balayage, both are different techniques that have different results. With color melting, you don’t have to worry about the color bleeding or not blending properly.

As the name suggests, the colors “melts” into the tones of your natural hair. This means that you won’t be able to tell where the colors start and where they end. This is great because this type of technique blends the darker shades near the roots with the lighter shades at the bottom. This gives the hair a more natural look.

Another thing that makes it stand out is that when your hair grows out, the colors will still look natural unlike in a balayage. They will fade slowly and won’t appear choppy. The colors also last longer.

Can You Use Color Melting For Extensions?

Yes, absolutely! You can get your hair extensions dyed, retouched, and even color melt them.

But it’s recommended that you go to a professional who knows what they’re doing. This is because coloring hair extensions isn’t the same as coloring natural hair. Once your extensions are dyed, it becomes difficult to re-dye them, especially if they become damaged by the harsh chemicals in regular hair dyes.

Color Melting

How We Can Transform your Hair Extensions

When it comes to dyeing hair extensions, we have more than 30 years of experience in the business. We use top-notch hair care products and dyes.

Our hair dyes and products are made specifically for original hair extensions Houston. You can count on our senior cosmetologist, Brenda McLeod, to color your hair extensions the way you’ve always wanted them!

Feel free to reach out to us and book an appointment with us today! For more about hair colors and natural curly tape in hair extensions in Houston, you can browse through our blog.