It has been a while since we have seen Miley Cyrus rock her famous signature hairstyle that she rose to fame with. The wholesome Disney channel character, Hannah Montana, was iconic in the early 2000s.

Since the hit show ended in 2011, fans have been distraught as they want to see the iconic hairstyle once again. The show saw Miley rocking various hairstyles, but the signature look always remained the same.

As she played a double role, we saw her sporting two very different hairstyles throughout the show.

Below, we discuss some of the best hairstyles from Hannah Montana.

Hairstyle # 1: Blonde and Wavy Hair

The signature hairstyle of Hannah Montana, the long, blonde, and wavy hair, had an identity of its own. The hairstyle comprised long blonde hair, but they were wavy. The look was completed by long, eye-bow grazing and slightly shaggy bangs.

If you wish to recreate the look, as most fans did back then, you can use hair extensions to add length and texture and get some cute bangs.

Hairstyle # 2: Blond and Straight Hair

Another form of the iconic hairstyle, the only difference was that this time around, the hair was dead straight instead of wavy or curly. The bangs were also straight and framed her face beautifully. The straightened hair added a bit more length to the hairstyle.


A woman with blonde hair cutting her bangs like Hannah Montana

Hairstyle # 3: Long Brown Hair

The complete opposite of her alter-ego, Miley rocked long, brown hair when she was not playing the pop teen singer. As seen on the show, she played a double role, being Hannah and Miley at the same time.

While she was just an ordinary teenager, Miley sported her long brown locks, which were slightly curled or wavy.

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