Being in high school or college isn’t easy. Not only do you need to keep up with courses, you also need to keep up with the latest trends. And fashion trends happen to be one of them!

Watching your friends effortlessly don unique hairstyles and looks that make them look like Vogue cover models can be frustrating.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are a few back-to-school hairstyles that’ll completely transform your look and make you the envy of your friends!

The Half Braid

The half braid is easy, fun, and elegant at the same time. It’s perfect for your first day back at school. All you have to do is take both sides of your hair and braid it. Then secure it with an elastic hair band or wrap a strand of your hair around it!

It’s easy and will only take a minute. But it looks beautiful! This one’s also perfect for a first date.

The Fake Side Braid

Start by detangling any knots you might have in your hair by using a wide-tooth comb. Then comb your hair to the side and start braiding from the top. Make sure the braid is loose. You don’t want it to be tight. Gently expand the braid further by tugging and pulling at it.

You can decorate it with artificial flowers as well! It’s a beautiful Bohemian look that’s bound to get you admiration from everyone!

Back-to-School 2

The Princess Lea Look

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, this look is too pretty to skip out on! Start by Dutch-braiding your hair from one side until you’re done. Then repeat the same steps for the other side.

Then take both ends and twist them to create a messy bun. Secure it with a few bobby pins and voila, you’re done!

This look is perfect for the summers and you’re bound to get a few compliments! This can also work as an everyday hairstyle.

These are our favorite back-to-school looks. Which one of these is your favorite? If you’ve got a look of your own and want to add it to the blog, go ahead and drop a comment below!

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