Celebrity hair stylists know everything you need to know about hair. Not only are they experts in hairstyling, they also know all the hidden secrets behind hair care.

Your hair makes up for a great part of your physical appeal. It has the ability to make or break it; just think back to all those bad hair days.

Celebrity hair stylists are the ones getting all your favorites movie stars red carpet-ready, and keeping their hairstyling and maintenance secrets in mind will only help you improve the quality and appeal of your hair.

Below we will discuss some hair-related tips you need from a celebrity hair stylist:

Dry shampoo

Using dry shampoo is easy. All it requires you to do is spray the roots of your hair to soak up any grease, and you’re good to go. Countless people nowadays use dry shampoo, but celebrity stylists take it a notch up by using exclusive techniques.

It is recommended to apply dry shampoo thoroughly in your roots and then use a dryer right after. Many people leave the dry shampoo in the hair, but the trick is to eliminate the extra oils. Your dryer will help you with that!

Apply hair masks before exercising

Most people think hair masks are to be applied after hitting the gym, but in reality, the opposite may be more beneficial for your hair.

The salt present in sweat can dehydrate your hair, and applying a hair mask prior to working out can add moisture in your hair and prevent it from drying out. The heat generated from your workout makes your mask work more efficiently, and all you’ll need is a thorough rinse afterwards.

Cut back on the shampoo

Many celebrity hair stylists believe that using shampoo every time you shower can damage your hair. This is because it makes your hair dry out and become brittle overtime.

A viable solution would be to assign days for shampooing, or just tie your hair in a sleek bun when it’s feeling too greasy!

Hair-Related Tips 2

Pay attention to your bangs first

When it comes to styling bangs, you’ve got to make sure you do so right after you shower. Towel-dry your bangs and apply a bit of mousse, then lightly blow dry them. Pin them on one side and then the other, as this will allow your bangs to blend in together and will give them some movement.

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