The 2020 Grammys left us with some of the most adventurous hair color trends to start off the New Year. From Billie Eilish’s brilliant green rootage, to Dua Lipa rocking an absolutely jaw-dropping Hollywood Cinnamon balayage, the hair color trends seem to be getting more boundary-pushing each year—and to good measure!

One can’t deny that a new hair color gives you a new look. Whether you’re going from a jazzy brunette to a sassy blonde or going back home to a natural ginger-ale red from your funky color adventures; one of the best ways to play up your looks without compromising your length, is to simply try a new shade.

At Hair Extensions of Houston, our team of expert hair colorists make sure to keep up with the dazzling industry trends under the supervision of Brenda McLeod, a licensed cosmetologist working in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Our staff is well trained to give you any hair color you want to go for whether your inspiration is a celebrity picture, or custom creation.

Whether you want a color-melted natural looking balayage, or some gorgeous highlights, our experts can give you the look you want. Even if you’re not sure of what color you want, or what style will suit you, our hair stylists will be able to guide you according to your hair texture, color and tone.

Your hair is important to us. So, when it comes to hair coloring services, we use the best products available on the market to make sure your hair remains healthy and strong and the texture isn’t compromised during the coloring process.

If you’re looking for a hair salon in Houston for your next glamorous hair transformation, you won’t go wrong with Hair Extensions at Houston.