Like many model-worthy beauty practices, when things come to hair coloring, less is more and effortless is the new ‘out-there’. But what do you get when you combine some stunning highlights with an enviable blend? A masterpiece!

Balayage hair coloring is all about being as natural as you can get. From barely-there streaking and color-melting, to full-blown dark to blinding transitions, the balayage hair technique covers it all.

Whether you want to add dimension to your hair with some subtly painted strands, or accentuate up your cheekbones with some bright streaks, balayages come in all shapes and sizes.

Be it your wedding, or a graduation ceremony, or just you showing yourself some love, a flawlessly done balayage will not only enhance the aesthetics of your face, but it also give you a confidence that glows.

The staff at Hair Extensions of Houston operates under the supervision of Brenda McLeod, a licensed cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, and can give you the exact balayage highlight look you desire.

Go for some wispy warm blonde strands painted into your layers starting mid-crown, or opt for some sun kissed highlights to bring out the best in your bob. Go for a dusty lavender transition, or a bold crimson. Deviate from the mundane with a purple shadow root, or add longevity to your color with natural roots; balayage lets you pick and choose your look right down to the minor details.

If you already have the look sorted out, our stylists will guide on the best way to go about achieving it with the least possible damage in the bleaching step. Our experts make sure to use the highest quality of hair products to make sure your hair remains shiny and maintains its bounce and texture even after the coloring treatment.