You’ve probably seen those gorgeous before and after shots of Brazilian blowout results floating around on Instagram. Famous for their transformative properties, Brazilian blowouts take rough, unkept and frizzy hair, and turn them into drop-dead-gorgeous, silky, shiny locks.

High quality Brazilian blowout treatments like Marcia and Copola, are used at high-end salons like Hair Extensions of Houston. These treatments give your hair a long-lasting sleek, shiny and soft look.

Gone are the days where you would spend an hour in front of the mirror, trying to get your hair to behave. With the Brazilian blowout treatment, your hair will become a lot more manageable and easier to deal with.

The treatment itself is a liquid keratin formula that, on applying heat, bonds to the strands of your hair, creating a layer that seals the cuticle in order to protect it from any external damage. The treatment originally comes from Brazil,—owing to its name— the Brazilian blowout and is made from ingredients that are native to the country and great for hair. These ingredients include camu camu, acai berry and annatto seeds.

The high quality, organic ingredients ensure that your hair develops a mirror-like shine while maintain its strength. Many customers think that Brazilian blowout treatments will straighten their hair 100%— that’s not the case. The treatment makes your hair smoother and takes eliminates frizziness, making your hair more manageable and appealing.

The entire process takes a few hours to complete, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The results last anywhere from four to six months, also depending on your hair texture, the type of treatment used and your hair routine.

If you’re looking for a hair salon in Houston for Brazilian blowout services, you will not go wrong with Hair Extensions of Houston.