Scrunchies, a.k.a hair elastics, were all the rage during the 90s when practically everyone was rocking a poofy ponytail.

The same scrunchies are enjoying a revival now, and there’s a good reason why. Scrunchies are a must-have hair accessory, especially if you don’t like doing your hair. They’re especially useful for people with thick or curly hair, but they can work on any length of hair.

So, to help you pick out the perfect one for your hair type, here’s a rundown of the different types of scrunchies so you can figure out which one(s) will work best for you:

1. Elastic Scrunchies

If you have long, dry or wavy hair, an elastic scrunchie can help keep loose strands from falling on your face while giving volume to your style.

If you have thick hair, choose one with elastic bands, so it stays put without leaving an imprint on your hair. This basic stretchy scrunchie is made from elastic that stretches around your ponytail and holds it in place without hurting your scalp or pulling at your strands. They also come in various colors and patterns, too!

2. Silk Scrunchies

Silk scrunchies are great for holding ponytails together without causing damage to your hair. These ribbons tend to be thinner than traditional stretchy scrunchies, so they’re not ideal for people with thick/curly hair. However, if you have straight/wavy/fine locks, ribbon scrunches are perfect!

Portrait image of a woman with a long ponytail

3. Cotton Scrunchies

For long to medium-length wavy hair, a cotton scrunchy that is less than 6 inches in width will work best. This will allow you to get the most out of your waves and minimize frizz.

You can also use a cotton scrunchie sewn together into a ring shape with elastic inside. This allows it to stretch over your head as well as stay put throughout the day (unlike fabric elastic). This makes it ideal for people with medium-length thick or curly hair who need something that won’t slide off too easily when they wear it all day long.

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