Flat is great when it comes to the tummy—helps you rock your body in those cute little crop tops and bikinis, but for your hair—it’s a complete no-go.

However, we all have days where our hair just sits on our head like a limp and lifeless pile of noodles, refusing to behave or look anywhere near pretty or even passably presentable.

On days like that we all just wish we had a magic wand and a spell to zap our hair into a sexy new hairstyle.

While we could certainly hope for that, in the meantime, here’s a few ways to jazz up flat hair and create gorgeous looks.

Switch Up Your Parting

This one is simple and adds instant volume.

Just try a different parting style than your usual one and enjoy the subtle change.

This is the least time-consuming way to add some glam to a boring hair day, however, it doesn’t offer much when you’re looking for a dramatic change.

Braids To The Rescue

Blow Dry Hair Upside DownAnother way to add volume and some waves to your hair is to braid it up!

Here’s how to use braids to change your look: Make tiny braids in partially damp hair and leave them to dry, (or use a hairdryer). When you feel like your hair is completely dry, take the braids out and enjoy the voluminous look!

Blow Dry Hair Upside Down

All this method requires is a slight change in the way you normally blow dry your hair.

To add volume, simply flip your hair over your head, and proceed to dry them like that for some soft and natural volume.

Get Hair Extensions

If you’re really serious about giving your hair some much-deserved love, consider hair extensions. They are another great way to add volume to your hair without making the extra effort in the morning.

Another benefit of getting hair extensions is that is you have short hair, you can also play with the length and experiment with the countless long hair hairstyles on the internet! They make it easier for you to get longer hair because you don’t have to go through the agony of ‘waiting’ and looking for ways to grow your hair faster.

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