As much as we love dressing up for winter in all the furry jackets with our hair styled in sophisticated buns, no one will miss the annoying winter hair problems once the season is over.

Now that spring is almost here, you no longer have to worry about the static that gets your hair charged and unkempt or the dry and itchy scalp that causes split ends.

You must change your hair care routine to keep in line with the changes in the season because it’ll affect the texture and look of your hair.

Take a look at some of these spring hair tips so you can stroll down the road in that popping floral dress with beautiful, healthy hair.

Start with the scalpSeasonal Transition2

Since the winter leaves our scalp dry, scaly, and flaky, the best way to prepare your hair for spring is to treat the scalp so the overall texture of your hair improves once the season ends.

Natural oils such as coconut oil, shea butter or Argan oil can ease the dryness on your scalp. You can also opt for a silk pillowcase to reduce the frizz in your hair.

Get a trim

Split ends are all too common in the winter. The dry season makes our hair weak and look brittle which ultimately leads to split ends. Get rid of the limp and dry hair look by cutting away the split ends.

Go for a fresh hair cut or a trim to save your hair from any damage caused by split-ends in the long run. This will also leave your hair feeling much healthier than before.

Opt for a hydrating shampoo or conditioner

Don’t let the winter steal the shine away from your gorgeous locks! Switch your conditioner and shampoo with a hydrating formula that improves the overall health of your hair.

Re-nourish your scalp at least once a week with a hydrating conditioner, serum, oil or hair mask that moisturizes your scalp and gets rid of the dry skin. This will also create a protective layer over your scalp to keep it safe from dryness caused by other external factors such as harsh winds.

Seasonal Transition3

If you’re looking for the perfect products to nourish your hair and revive it just in time for spring, our hair care products can help you out!

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